Is This Your Time To Take Action?

If you are sick and tired of the dreaming phase of things and are ready to take some action and get is what to do.

1. Believe in yourself.

It is a fact that you become like the person you think and believe you are, and you achieve only what you think and believe you can achieve. You must believe that you can succeed at what you plan to do and that you are worthy of that success. Your attitude must be positive and it must be in alignment with what you want out of life.

When you think positively, your chances of success increase significantly, because you feel more positive and are therefore more productive. When you think negatively, you feel more negative and become immobilized.

2. Create time for your idea, goal, or project.

Your day is always going to have important things that you must attend to. That is why you must regard your idea, goal, or project as if your life or next source of income depended on it. When you perceive it as something of importance, it becomes a priority and you create time to work on it.

Prepare a "project/goal list," of the things you have to do daily, weekly and monthly to ensure that you accomplish your project, goal or idea. Then commit yourself to it and establish a time to work specifically on it. Make sure that it is a time when you are most refreshed, energetic and can work with minimal interruption.

3. Do at least one thing to move you forward.

Commit to doing at least one thing daily to help you move in the right direction. When the project or the idea you are working on seems too big, it can overwhelm and cause you to lose your motivation. In such situations, breaking it down into manageable bits and tackling one aspect at a time, makes it easier to accomplish objectives and to appreciate the progress you are making.

From the "project/goal list," you have prepared, check off the things you accomplish daily and what you have done by the end of each week or month. Once this is done, move on to the next phase of things.

4. Make contact with relevant sources of help.

Like in most successful undertakings, you will need someone who has the information, knowledge, or connections you require to help you move ahead with your idea or your goal. Whether it is a coach, consultant, a business contact you met at a networking event, a friend of a friend who works in the industry or the person or business listed on the yellow pages...make a phone call, send out an inquiry, set up a meeting, send out a resume, attend a workshop or find a way to make your intentions known.

When you are stuck, seek out these sources because they will fan the flames of your idea and provide you with an opportunity to move ahead faster.

5. Be willing to stick out your neck.

What you want to accomplish is important and is worth the risks you intend to take. You can no longer afford to shrink and hide in the background. You must overcome your fears and take risks. Even if you don't feel particularly confident about doing something, and are trembling in your boots, act confident and don't let it show. Take a deep breath, do what you have to do and get it over with.

The worst thing that can happen is that things may not go as you plan, but what if they do? Are you not willing to find out? You will be amazed at the opportunities that await you if you stick out your neck and go for it!

6. Push your agenda.

Be on the look out for potential prospects that may have an interest in the final product or service of your idea or project. Talk about what you are doing every chance you get, look out for opportunities everywhere you go, tell people what you are up to and what you want, people will remember you and let you know if something comes up.

Since you will have already announced what you are up to, you will have to live up to that reputation. This will motivate you to keep focused on taking action and accomplishing your objectives in preparation for your future success.

Caroline is a life coach for women who have a real desire to take the first or next step towards living an exceptional life wherever they are. She coaches women to discover who they are, explore what they can be and take action to achieve their goals.

[email protected]

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