The Amazing 3-Step Formula To Success!

Believe it or not, there is a special 3-step formula that makes people successful.

Unfortunately, you can't buy the formula. But if you could, it would be hotter than reality television shows!

So, what is this amazing 3-step formula I'm talking about?

Okay. Here it is:

1. Have a goal.

2. Do what you love.

3. Have relentless desire and determination.

That's it. That's the formula.

Now don't be fooled by the simplicity of the formula. After all, if it were easy, everyone would be successful and we all know that's not the case.

However, the formula is definitely viable for anyone whom religiously follows the steps.

Let's start with the first part of the formula:

(1.) Have a goal.

Every ounce of human progress--our inventions big and small, our medical and scientific discoveries, our engineering achievements, our business successes--were first visualized before they became realities. High-tech satellites orbit the earth because scientists made it their goal to conquer space.

So, what is a goal?

A goal is an objective, a purpose. A goal is more than just a dream, it's a dream acted upon. A goal is more than just sitting back and "wishing you could." A goal is a clear-as- glass, "This is what I'm working toward."

Nothing happens, no steps forward are taken, until a goal is established. Without goals, individuals just wander aimlessly through life under-achieving. They stumble and bumble along, not having a clue where they're going. So, as a result, they never get anywhere.

Goals are as essential to success as air is to life. No one ever stumbles into success, without having a clear-cut goal. (Winning the lottery doesn't count). Develop a clear picture of where you want to go.

Write your goals down and review them every single day. Formulate a game plan. Ask yourself where you want to be a month from now--a year from now--3 years, 5 years, 10 years.

Tape a picture of your goal on your bathroom mirror and on your refrigerator--whether it's a new house, a new car, whatever.

Make visualizing and thinking about your goals a daily exercise. Because it is only by constantly visualizing your goals will they become a reality.

And don't worry about setbacks, detours or little bumps in the road or big bumps either for that matter. Setbacks happen to everyone. That's life. Forget about it. Make the necessary adjustments and keep going.

Up next is the second part of the formula:

(2.) Do what you love.

There's an old saying, "Do what you love and you'll never have to work a day in your life!"

Do you understand what that means? It means if you work at doing something you truly love and enjoy, it won't really seem like work at all.

Speaking from personal experience, I'm here to tell you that is absolutely the truth. Let me give you an example of what I'm talking about.

A few years ago, I made it my goal to have a successful business on the Internet, even though I had no computer experience and knew absolutely nothing about the Internet.

At that time, I didn't even own a computer. All I had was my WebTV and a boatload of determination.

Well, my friends, to make a long story short, I'm happy to say that I've achieved that goal. And now I get to stay home all day, everyday and play on my computer, writing articles like this one and publishing my "Let's Make Money Newsletter."

So, how did I do it?

I went to the libray and taught myself how to use a computer. I read book after book on how the Internet works and I taught myself basic HTML (very basic).

Anyway, the bottom line is, I'm now doing what I love. Most mornings I get up at six o'clock, because I can't wait to get started. And most nights, I don't get offline until about eight or nine o'clock.

Now by my calculations, those are 14 or 15 hour hour work days. But it doesn't seem like work to me, because I'm doing what I love. Those 14 or 15 hour days fly right by--and that's the whole point!

"Do what you love and you'll never have to work a day in your life!"

If you hate your job, find a way to do what you love so that you can quit. You may even have to work another part-time job or something to get to that point. But if you really and truly want it badly enough, you'll do whatever it takes.

Finally, we come to the third and last part of the formula:

(3.) Relentless desire and determination.

It is also the main reason why most people don't succeeed. They don't have relentless desire and determination. I want you to commit the following words to memory:

"Any success you achieve will be in direct proportion to your desire and determination. The more desire and determination you have, the greater will be your success."

Here's another example to illustrate my point:

Most people think it's Kobe Bryant's amazing talent that sets him apart from the other players in the NBA. And make no mistake, his talent does play a significant role in his success. But what really makes Kobe Bryant special is his "relentless desire and determination." He just wants to win more than everybody else.

It's no secret that Kobe practices longer and harder than just about anyone else in the NBA, with the possible exception of Karl Malone. He also works out like a demon.

But that's exactly what it takes. You have to be as maniacal about success as Kobe Bryant is. I'll repeat something I said earlier in this article:

"Any success you achieve will be in direct proportion to your desire and determination. The more desire and determination you have, the greater will be your success."

Now after reading this article, I'm sure many of you are wondering where and how to get started.

The very first thing I recommend is a complete re- programming of your mind. Because before you can start walking down that road to success, you first have to get your mind right.

In that regard, there are two books I consider absolute MUST reads, if you are at all serious about being successful in whatever it is you choose to do.

The books are, "Think and Grow Rich" by Napolean Hill and "The Magic of Thinking Big" by Dr. David Schwartz.

Your local bookstore or library should have both books, since they're all-time classics. If not, try But whatever you do, make the investment in yourself and get those books!

Another thing, if you're married or living with someone and you suddenly announce to your spouse or lover that you want to eventually quit your job and "do what you love." Don't expect a whole lot of support or kisses and hugs.

Unfortunately, most people are conditioned to the "9 to 5, retire at 65," way of thinking.

So, if you expect support and encouragement from your family and friends, you're probably going to be disappointed. That's just the way it is. Most likely, you'll probably hear a bunch of negativity.

That's the point when you have to stay strong and focused. Because chances are, you're going to be in this alone. That's why the mind re-programming is so important. It'll help you stay focused and positive. And if by chance you do happen to have family and friends who do support you, so much the better!

Anyway, that's it. That's "The Amazing 3-Step Formula To Success!" You'll notice not once in this entire article did I mention anything about making more money. Why? Because "if you do what you love, the money will follow!"

In closing, if you want to be successful, you must NEVER give up. You must NEVER quit. NEVER! No matter what!

About The Author

Dean Phillips is an Internet marketing expert, writer, publisher and entrepreneur. Questions? Comments? Dean can be reached at mailto: [email protected]

Make Money Online! Internet marketing expert, Dean Phillips will help you make money online, starting today...Guaranteed! For details just visit my website.


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