The 101 Habits of Highly Successful People

Personal missions statements (PMS) are just nothing but the winning choices. Our mind can program us in such a way that success ratio in personal, social & professional life changes drastically.

PMS or winning choices are exactly similar to that programming. It enables, focuses you on changing your habits, behavior, attitudes & shapes your character to develop & increase success with achievements to make you complete person with class & style.

PMS rules your mind & rules your senses. It makes powerful enough to flow with change, to make change, to make you determined optimistic and supply inner strength to nourish your positive attitude harmoniously.

I've written 101 special PMS / WCs which are common for any age & person form every walk of life. (parent, child, employee, retired, student, ETC.) you have to concentrate, Read, recite & memorize it & to make yourself the person of achievement. These are as follows.

1. Among choices & habits you much choose choice most of the times.

2. Among intellect & wisdom you must use both of them most of the time.

3. Among 'play to win' & 'play not to loose' you must choose u must practice 'play to win' all the times.

4. Among luck & effort you must first focus on the efforts every time.

5. Among design & default u must practice design each time.

6. Among Feelings & facts you must consider facts most of the time.

7. Among Reaction & Pro-action you must prefer Pro-action all the times.

8. Among talking negative & keeping quite you must choose 'keeping quite' every time.

9. Among talking & doing you must prefer doing all the times.

10. Among available & fit to use you must work to be FIT to Use every times.

11. Among chance & inaction you must choose chance most of the time.

12. Among Depression & action you must choose action each time.

13. Among Helplessness & hopelessness u must choose non all the time.

14. Among Trying & doing you must choose doing every time.

15. Among Knowledge & action choose both most of the time.

16. Among Relaxing & Energizing you must choose energizing all the time.

17. Among Intention & behavior u must understand the intention every time.

18. Among purpose & personality u must focus on purpose each time.

19. Among conformity & creativity u must practice creativity all the time.

20. Among Problem solving & problem Finding u must focus on Problem Finding most of the time.

21. Among Improving & maintaining u must choose improving most of the time.

22. Among Rigidity & flexibility u must choose Flexibility most of the time.

23. Among Creative & analytical thinking u must practice both all the time.

24. Among control & freedom u must choose freedom every time.

25. Among good & pleasant u must choose good most of the time.

26. Among existing & leaving u must practice living all the time.

27. Among past, Future & present u must focus on present most of the time.

28. Among Journey & destination u must enjoy journey all the time.

29. Be a person of appropriate response not reasons.

30. Be a person of influence not attention.

31. Be a person of motivating not demoralizing.

32. Be a person of initiatives not procrastination.

33. Be a person of visions with actions not just action.

34. Be a person of Empathy not just sympathy & envy.

35. Be a person with energy & activities not lethargy.

36. Be a person of concentration not wander & distraction.

37. Be a person of Specialization not just multiple skills.

38. Be a person with futuristic attitude not post- cogitation.

39. Be a person of Ideas not confusion.

40. Be a person of listening not hearing.

41. Be a person of think-full actions not think after actions.

42. Be a person of quality self-respect not ego.

43. Be a person to think for self not selfish.

44. Be a person of passion not pessimism.

45. Be a person of seeking opportunities not risks.

46. Be a person of control & restrain not protection & defiance.

47. Be a person of earning money not grabbing money.

48. Be a person of pleasure not irritation.

49. Be a person of observation for analysis not for nagging.

50. Be a person of finding best way not short-cuts.

51. Be a fundamental person of theory with practical not guess work.

52. Be a person of balanced dynamics not speed.

53. Be a person of smile not witty.

54. Be a person of working differently not abnormally.

55. Be a person of discipline for controlling not punishing.

56. Be a person of fact-full beliefs no self-deceit & unreal feelings.

57. Be a person of learning & learning form past mistakes not repeating mistakes.

58. Be a person of commitments not just promises.

59. Be a person of tolerance so you will learn patient.

60. Be a person of praising so that you will learn to appreciate.

61. Be a person of acceptance so you will learn to find love.

62. Be a person of courage so you will learn to dare.

63. Be a person of respect so you will learn value & price of everything.

64. Be a person of judgment not conclusion.

65. Be a person of reality not perception.

66. Be a person of managing crises not quitting.

67. Be a person of trust determination not doubts.

68. Be a person of prayer so you will realize the meaning of your own desires.

69. Be a person of living not existing.

70. Be a person of observing not just reading.

71. Be a person of challenges not deceits, revenge & resentments.

72. Be a person of virtues not just knowledge.

73. Be a person of learning for defeats not depression.

74. Be a person of generosity not just donation & charity.

75. Be a person with definiteness of a purpose not just focus.

76. Be a person with psychophysical balance not just control.

77. Be a person of possibilities not difficulties.

78. Be a person of plans not excuse.

79. Be a person of diplomatics not dominance.

80. Be a person of choices more than habits.

81. Be a person of controlled aggression not of anger.

82. Be a person of phenomenons not just common & ordinary.

83. Be a person of responsible emotional responses not emotional.

84. Be a person of confirmations not misconceptions.

85. Be a person of joys not jealousy.

86. Be a person of finding alternatives not double mind.

87. Be a person to succeed at home first so you will achieve more ourside.

88. Be a person of emotional balance not impulsive.

89. Be a person of solutions not discussing problems, blaming & criticizing.

90. Be a person of Excellency not perfections.

91. Be a person of finding & doing right things not with errors & mistakes.

92. Be a person of listening twice as much you speak.

93. Be a person of harmonizing your flow of thought & senses.

94. Be a person to defend who are not present.

95. Be a person of observation & analysis to differentiate both sides of a thing.

96. Be a person of positive attitudes not pessimistic & sarcastic.

97. Be a person of sincerity not sins & deceits.

98. Be a person to remember who helped you not miss-used you.

99. Be a person of consequences coz it maintains behavior.

100. Be a person of wisdom not just beauty.

101. Be a person of influence not just concern.

Practice it till you realize, Practice it till you sense, Practice it till you change,

Repeat it till you live, because we are what we repeatedly do.

Thanks for your time consideration

Name : Nilesh B Gore
Profession : Graphologist(Handwriting Analyst) & SW. Eng.
Email : [email protected]
Web :
Country : India, Bhusaval, Ms
Copyrights : © Nilesh B Gore.
Author has written for HRD TIMES, newspapers (Sakal) and his articles had been published in number of websites.

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