Success = Prosperity

Material or physical success is often measured by the level of prosperity achieved.

We can define prosperity as having or owning all that we idealize and desire. With this definition, we can see that even a monk who has taken on vows of poverty, silence and chastity can be prosperous, if he has those three things in abundance.

How, then, can we become prosperous in all aspects of self, including but not limited to the materialistic? How can we arrive at a definition of success that encompasses all types of success, including the non-material?

Success can be defined as being when the manifest result matches the originating ideal.

There is a tendency to think of success strictly in materialistic or physical terms, but since success begins with the idealization of some idea or concept created originally in purely imaginary terms, it is more appropriate to think of success as a metaphysical concept.

That is to say, success is dependent upon factors that are above and beyond (or meta to) the physical. Any defined or measurable success, even the purely materialistic, has elements that are more than physical. There are emotional, mental and spiritual (or etheric) elements that are not only necessary for success to be attained, but are also inherent in its definition.

Success, then, can be seen to be much more than the accomplishment of a defined goal. It can be understood to be a continuous process of agreement intertwining the real with the ideal. The best way to achieve success comes from an understanding of this process and a conscious intent to apply harmony to its' individual elements.

The behavior of all things existent within our universe, from subatomic particles to entire galaxies, from individual thoughts to an entire cultural mythos, are fundamentally understood to be vibratory in nature. Vibrations interact with other vibrations to create either a harmonic or a discordancy.

When the result is in tune with the ideal, we have succeeded in creating what is desired.

When the result is dissonant with the ideal, we have failed in creating what is desired.

Success, therefore, can also be defined as the attainment of harmony. Failure can be defined as the attainment of discord.

In order to achieve success by choice rather than by chance, it is wise to know all the elements of the process and then to consciously bring them into harmony, in order that the ideal can be made real. The realization of an ideal is accomplished through intentional harmony brought to bear upon all the elements of the process of materialization or manifestation.

The power to effectuate or make manifest defined ideals comes from the application of the knowledge of the process of creation.

Gaining that knowledge and then, applying it, elevates the individual from being a creature of circumstance (or victim of life) to being a creator of circumstance (or victor in life).

The personal power to achieve success is dependent upon the harmony of ideal, intent, thought, emotion, action and result. Victory is thereby accorded. If failure is defined as discord or conflict, then success can be said to be conflict resolution or the attainment of harmony. Success is harmony. The desire to achieve success is the desire to be in harmony.

When we are in conflict with the conditions of our life, we have failed. When we are in accord with the conditions of our life, we have succeeded.

Nothing would exist in the universe if the natural order of things did not have a tendency towards accordancy or harmony. Our planet would not orbit its' star without the balance or harmony between velocity and gravity. Our hearts would not beat if each and every heart cell did not do so in harmony with each other. Individual atoms and therefore all matter would not exist without the balance (poise or position) existent within the various subatomic components that make it up.

The existence of the universe (all creation) is therefore understood to be reliant upon vibrational harmony. Our individual success (or ability to create that which we desire) is achieved through the application of universal principles of creation.

Just as the ideal of the molecular structure named deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) is made manifest or effectuated by a continuous process of bringing the various elements of its' construction into harmony, so is your ideal (simple or complex, material or ethereal) effectuated by the continuous process of bringing the various elements of its' construction into harmony.

The result, whether it be success or failure, is the effect or that which is effectuated. This is a causal universe we exist in. Every effect must have a cause. To know and control the cause is to be capable of creating the effect.

If the conditions of our life are understood to be that which is effectuated (the effect), then we, when we claim our individual power to choose our ideals, our thoughts, our emotions, our words and our actions, are understood to be the cause.

Victims choose to be caught up in or controlled by circumstance and condition.

Victors choose to be the cause of circumstance and condition. Success is victory. Victory is harmony. Harmony is peace.

Success is accorded to those who choose to be causal. The causal always requires harmony in order to effectuate. Thus, the ideal ideal, so to speak, is, of necessity, harmony. Concordance.

Returning to our original questions, it can now be understood the prosperity comes from peace. You are rich and successful when you are in harmony, in accord with the universal and its' natural laws of manifestation.

You prosper as creator of circumstance when you are in tune with the infinite, which as we know, is the embodiment of peace and love and harmony and-prosperity. After all, the infinite can be said to idealize and possess the entire universe.

© Leslie Fieger. All rights reserved worldwide.

Leslie is the author of The DELFIN Knowledge System Trilogy: The Initiation, The Journey and The Quest plus many more success publications. He also the co-author of The End of the World with Hugh Jeffries and Alexandra's DragonFire with his daughter Ashley. Subscribe to his free and ad-free eZine at or

Reprinting and republishing of this article is granted only with the above credit included. Permission to reprint or republish does not waive any copyright.

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