Manifesting Wealth

Many people talk or write about the science of success or the art of creating wealth. You don't want just the science. You don't want just the art. What you want is the technology. The how to.

Manifestation is not a mystery. It is a process. All processes can be analyzed, taken apart, step-by-step, and then, once understood, can be applied scientifically to produce the desired results. There is a technique for manifesting anything, including wealth.

Scientists study the physical world in order to ascertain the metaphysical principles that apply to how things unfold in our universe. They theorize about how things that have happened did happen. A theory becomes accepted only when direct experiment proves that application produces a manifest reality. Once the process (the unfolding) is understood and proven through application, science becomes technology. Technology is applied science. Power is applied knowledge. Knowledge, by itself, produces nothing, not even wisdom, let alone practical results. It is all in the application.

Where can you learn the right application? You can experiment to see if your personal theory will work or you can observe those whose experiments have produced the desired results and then utilize the same techniques, the same process.

The power to create or manifest wealth comes from applying the knowledge of the process of creation. The knowledge of the critical elements in a process do not create the process. It is the proper and purposeful use or application of the elements that produce the results.

I can tell you again that thought plus desire combined with belief plus intent create your results. You might completely understand and agree with that; but if you do not apply it, then it is useless knowledge, like books gathering dust on a library shelf.

The process of manifestation is:

it begins in the ideal (causal);

it moves into the virtual;

it becomes real;

it becomes manifest (effectual).

The elements of the idealization are: Thought, desire, belief, intent, commitment, insight.

The elements of the virtualization are: Visualization, affirmation, gratitude, congruity, planning.

The elements of the realization are: Your words and your deeds.

So now you know. Now you must apply your knowledge.

Idealize it: Think the right thoughts. Desire the result. Believe in the actuality. Intend for it to be. Commit to making it so. Understand what it will mean.

Virtualize it: See it as real. Affirm it to be. Be thankful for its existence. Harmonize yourself with it. Attract it. Plan for it to be.

Realize it: Speak the truth of it. Act to enact it.

Enjoy having it.

Want to be wealthy?

Think about wealth and abundance, NOT about lack and limitation.

Desire wealth; lust after it; don't just wish for it.

Believe in it and your right to it. Stop believing in scarcity. There is none. (When you have nothing, you have an abundance of nothing. When you have mediocrity, you have an abundance of mediocrity)

Clarify your intentions. What is your intent in thinking that thought, in doing that deed? Commit 100% to becoming wealthy.

Understand (gain insight into) what wealth is and what it means to you.

Visualize your wealth. See yourself as wealthy.

Be rich. Affirm to yourself and others that you are wealthy and that you deserve to be.

Be grateful for your abundance. Show your appreciation. Attract wealth by being worthy of it.

Plan. Set specific goals and follow your game plan.

Stay true to your ideals. Talk your truth and then walk the talk.


T ake some hints from the universe: It is constantly creating new space.

Why? To make room for more.

Make some space in your life for more to show up. Get rid of what you don't need. If those thoughts don't serve you-dump them. If those beliefs serve no useful purpose-junk them. If that activity is not producing wealth-stop it. Why exactly do you watch TV? Are you going to get wealthy watching who wants to be a millionaire? No.

You will get wealthy by applying the proven technology of wealth creation. Of course, only if you think so and only if you believe it.

© Leslie Fieger. All rights reserved worldwide.

Leslie is the author of The DELFIN Knowledge System Trilogy: The Initiation, The Journey and The Quest plus many more success publications. He also the co-author of The End of the World with Hugh Jeffries and Alexandra's DragonFire with his daughter Ashley. Subscribe to his free and ad-free eZine at or

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