Leave a Legacy

What do Sam Walton, Ray Kroc, Hilton, Marriot, Firestone, Elvis Presley, The Kennedy's, John Huntsman, and Henry Ford have in common? They have all left a legacy. Think about the Waltons. Even though they slipped a little from last year, they are still going strong on the "Worlds Richest People List" Here is this years list:

Rank Name Age Worth ($bil)

1 William Gates III 49 46.5 2 Warren Buffett 74 44.0 3 Lakshmi Mittal 54 25.0 4 Carlos Slim Helu 65 23.8 5 Prince Alwaleed Bin Talal Alsaud 48 23.7 6 Ingvar Kamprad 78 23.0 7 Paul Allen 52 21.0 8 Karl Albrecht 85 18.5 9 Lawrence Ellison 60 18.4 10 S Robson Walton 61 18.3 11 Jim Walton 57 18.2 11 John Walton 59 18.2 13 Alice Walton 56 18.0 13 Helen Walton 85 18.0

4 people in the Walton family are in the top 15. Wow!!!

Winners leave a legacy, they create lives, fortunes and systems that are around long after their life is over. Think about this. Imagine Thanksgiving dinner after you pass away, your family are at the table talking about you. What would they say about you? How would they remember you? What will your kids say you taught them about life?

I want you all to take a moment, and write down what you want written on your tombstone. Who will you help? What things are you going to accomplish? What charities will you start? How many families will you touch, by helping them become financial secure.

Then believe in your mind that you will be dead in ten minutes, and make them all happen..now!!!

Leave a Legacy, and do it now!!!

Shane Clevenger has dedicated his life to helping people create the Mindset for Success. He has created the Millionaire Mindset Blog, which you can view at http://milliondollarmind.blogspot.com Think Like a Millionaire, and become a Millioniare!!

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