Life Issues Pt. 1 - Success

Hello everybody and a good day (or night !) to you all.My name is Nicholas Dixon and I am in my early twenties and I reside on the beautiful island of Jamaica.I work full time in a public library , but in my spare time I design and market websites.I personally think that it is fun to help my fellow brother or sister to get what they want out of this life.

Success.What a powerful word and so sought after , yet it is so elusive to so many of us.If you look carefully at my personal quote on my website , you will realise that it contains a lot of truth.Success is never achieved by thinking of your own wants and needs , but by thinking about other people's wants and needs.Have you every notice that the more you give of yourself , the more you have to give ? This is called the law of abundance , the more you give the more you receive.

Believe me my friend , this is one of the most fundamental keys to success along with hard work and perseverance.When you apply these steps to your life , I am sure that you will find it fuller and more richer than before.

Once I was "down on my face" and living life everyday without any meaningful purpose and going through a lot of personal torment.I used to believe that happiness came from the things and people that surround me , but oh what a terrible mistake !! As Woody Allen puts it , "The talent of being happy is appreciating and liking what you have , not what you don't have".The morale to that is quite simply , learn to love and believe in yourself.Learn to believe in the word believe , because it is a powerful word.It breaks down all barriers and removes all fears once firmly established in the mind and will not stop in the path of any obstacle.Believe in your dreams my friend because it is the basis of your success.

One last thing I would like to mention is a mental-spiritual theory called Positive Thinking.Positive thinking , my friend is simply recognising the negatives in life but refusing to dwell on them.Some people may argue at this point that I am being unrealistic by doing that and that it may not work.But believe me my friend it does work , but only if you give it a try from the bottom of your heart.Try giving yourself daily "mental cleansing " so as to clear your mind of any negative thoughts that might exist in it.

The positive thinker always stays on top of his game , always triumphing in the end.He refuses to lose , but if he does lose , he goes after his prize again and again.He does not lose heart when he fails , because he knows that the real failure comes when he does not learn from his mistake.

The positive thinker views each day as a new opportunity to make himself and the world in which he lives a better place.Being positive minded makes the difference if you are going to be sad or happy ,bright or dull , dreary or cheery , productive or non-productive.

This is not simply to do, but when practise regularly it becomes quite natural.This is key to Positive Thinking because what a man thinketh that is what he will become.If you think about small things you will achieve small things , but if you do it the other way around you will be surprise at how life can be to you.

At the end of the day , when you have reconditioned your mind , buy yourself or a friend a gift so as to show your apprecation.This can be in the form of anything , as long as you it makes you feel good about your self which is the reason of this article.Until then peace and I hope that you will put into action what you have just read.

©2003 Nicholas Dixon

About The Author

Nicholas Dixon is the Webmaster/CIO for the Oceanroc family of websites.A positive minded individual in his early twenties , Nicholas believes in striving to be the best of one's self in this world.His mission for you his readers , is for you to feel the same way about yourself.You can visit his online store at

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