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Bill Gates: Why He is the Richest Man in the World

Bill is a man for the people, of the people and with the people every step of the way to make our's a better, more equipped society and environment in every sense of the formulation. His formula and future ideal goal was simple: "A paperless society". By advancing technology, saving our natural resources and promoting self employment, Bill Gates has not only made billions of dollars he has saved our economy billions of dollars and has helped save our bountiful and beautiful forests our vegetation. His vision was on target where he stated: most American's by the year 2000 will have the opportunity to Work from Home". With the demise of big business and huge corporate scandals, those who invested in themselves and their real estate have profited ten fold.

Someday newspapers will be obsolete. Newspapers have monopolized our communities with serious inflated costs and are rapidly exhausting our resources. While legislature and paper manufactures raise the costs of the paper protecting our planet and try making it difficult to purchase, while on the other hand-the paper passes the expense of killing our environment on to you, the consumer. There is no win win. Only Negative's. Who wants that? It's quite depressing and frustrating for those new in business with limited budgets trying to get their company name out there. The Internet allows you for pennies on the dollar and even for free to reach the masses. Today more and more companies are downsizing. You are probably familiar with the robot at the other end of the telephone line helping you pay your bills, access your banking, and so on. Mr. & Mrs. Robot can do virtually anything. Customer Service Employment may be the next to become obsolete(saving companies billions). More people go to their computers to research information. They are also "searching" for ways to make money in a massive growing world with massive lay-offs, downsizing's, and major lack of employment opportunities, facing our work force, today.

Bill Gates is one of the main forefathers who helped open the door leading to: Freedom. I.e.: "The Information Highway; World Wide Web, the Internet; to all societies, worldwide. He has a very simple but strong belief: "How you gather, manage, and use information will determine if you win or lose." In his book "Business @The Speed of Thought" gives you the information you need to win. Literally, he opened the Gates to everyone. Freedom of speech is great but freedom to connect to the world is an amazing feat. You can spend every waking moment trying to develop or invent the perfect product to sell on the internet, and sadly it may never happen. You can scroll, surf the net and find 1000's of Work At Home Opportunities. Not all of them are scams!

Focus on the one that is true to your heart. You can turn this dream into a reality. If you do your homework and research you will find the product you truly believe in 100% and find major companies producing these awesome products. They have also perfected the science by providing you the consumer, distributor, independent associate with a high-tech website, web hosting, web mail, no inventory, your own personal supply, business/accounting/tax software, and you can write it off 100% while working from your home office!

Christopher Knight has opened the Gates to millions of Expert Authors. He filled a need for our society who want to express themselves and their expertise. We thank you for your achievements. To your continued success

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