Adaptability as a Key to Success

Do you ever stop to consider how much we change and grow as people? I'm not talking so much about "maturing" or physical growth. What I'm driving at is the changes that occur inside of us; the changes in thought and self perception. We are constantly bombarded with an incredible amount of information. Our grandparents didn't get nearly as much stimulation in their lives as we get in a single day. We are exposed to more ideas, more lifestyles, more ideologies every week than our great grandparents ever heard of. So given this fact it is imperative that we learn good coping mechanisms and a strong sense of focus.

We are still driven by the same fight or flight responses that our ancestors were, only now we deal with different circumstances. To develop strength of character and the ability to weather the storms of life, we must first accept that disturbances are a normal part of life. We must learn to grow and adapt to the adversity. If you want to excel at this game of life, I suggest you learn to embrace the concept of adaptability. You should look at the challenges and trials of life as exciting adventures to work your way through rather than toil and suffering to try to avoid.

Be open minded to the thoughts and ideas of others, young and old, rich and poor. There are no two people exactly alike. If we listen instead of talk, we learn from the people we encounter. Today, make the decision to embrace the diversity of life experience and work to create your heroic tales of success!

Bill White is a synchronicity expert and is co-creator of the "Grow Rich While You Sleep Success System" at

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