Making the Right Decisions

The ability to make good decisions is an essential step in becoming a good leader. Don't try to make decisions unless you know all the facts and risks involved. The safest way to weigh your decisions is to put them through a checklist that covers pertinent information.

--Do you understand the problem? A solution is not useful if it is developed for the wrong problem.

--Have you defined the problem?

--Have you written the problem down? If you don't have a written definition of a problem, you could forget it.

--Have you identified all possible solutions? Get information, talk to people, check the records, and examine the facts of all the possible solutions.

--Do you have sufficient information to make the decision?

--Have you given the decision due process? Weighed the pros and cons.

--Did you base your decision on fact, not emotions or ego?

--What is your reasoning behind the decision? Consider all the facts that have a bearing on the problem. If a question comes to mind, don't discard it, but think about it.

--Have you brainstormed? Some of the best solutions come from free association.

--Are you confident with your decision? If it doesn't feel good, don't go with it.

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