Defining Success

I'll be the first to admit that everyone has his or her own definition of success and what constitutes living a life with greatness.

Success comes in so many shapes and sizes that it can often go unnoticed if you do not take the time to recognize the many facets where it exists in your life. With that said, I would like to offer up my short definition of success.

Success is the mother or father who sacrifices to make a better life for their family. It is the person who spends countless hours studying, and scrimping to pay the bills so they can have the honor of being the first person to graduate from college in their family.

Success and greatness is in the man or woman who against all the critics sets out and starts that small business that no one seemed to think would work.

Success is the person who takes care of their aging parents (just as their parents did for them in their early life). Success is the person who lives their life as an example to others and actively shows those around them how to achieve more in their personal and professional lives.

Truly successful are those who do the things that make them happy. Success is the person who works two jobs so that he or she can make a better life for himself or herself.

Success is the teacher who works hard and at the end of the day has made a positive impact on the lives of so many. In many cases far more then they may ever realize.

Success is taking time out throughout your busy day to understand that you are in fact an amazing person, and acknowledge that your contributions make this world a better place. True success is the entrepreneur who takes their idea and translates it into real jobs for others.

You see my friend, success is so many things, and reaches so far into various areas of our lives. All to often we run through our days not realizing that we are already successful in our own right. We may not fit into a cookie cutter mold of what society labels successful people as being, but make no mistake about it... You are successful just the same.

Take time to honor your many achievements -- all the while taking comfort in knowing that many more such accomplishments still await you. Remember this, greatness is part of who you are.

-- Here's to your success, Josh Hinds

About The Author:

Josh Hinds of specializes in helping people to achieve maximum success and live the life of their dreams. He is also the co-founder of - visit now to hear leading motivational speakers and authors share their tips and advice with you.

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