Why Success is a Science

My studies of the highly successful prove that they continually achieve their results by doing "certain things in a certain way." I have also found that "like causes produce like effects." Therefore, if you and I consistently employ the same thought processes and actions of these highly-successful individuals, we must produce the same results. This is why success is an absolute science. If you apply the principles (thoughts and actions) of peak performers, you will accelerate your sales and life results far beyond your current level of achievement. Put it to the test.

In his best-selling book, Psychocybernetics, Dr. Maxwell Multz talks about our daily actions being the direct result of our habits. Since your actions are the cause of your results, it is fair to assume that your habits are what ultimately create the results you obtain. Habits are the things you and I do naturally and automatically, without thinking. These habits have been conditioned at a very early age and are now collected in our unconscious mind. According to Multz, if you want to change your results, you must begin to form new habits. In other words, you must change the things you do automatically.

Your current thinking regarding your abilities, your product and your industry is habitual -- and we call that programming. This programming is buried in your unconscious mind, and it drives your behavior on a daily basis.

These programs, or mindset, came from outside sources and we often accept them without question. Many times our mindset contains lack and limitation because a parent, teacher, coach, or another person we respected wanted to protect us from disappointment. They told us to "be realistic," "don't expect too much," "life is hard" and many other disempowering beliefs. The moment you accept their programs, they drive your behavior and often limit your results. Following are the first steps in building the habits of a top sales performer. Habits that will drive massive action and create incredible results!

  • Set a clear and measurable goal.

    Make it one that you are excited about accomplishing. The human spirit will not invest itself in mediocrity -- so if you want to succeed in overcoming limiting habits, your goal must create passion! As you set your goal, two things are important: it must be specific and measurable. Write "I am making $70,000" versus "I want to make more money." When your goal is measurable you will know exactly when it is accomplished.

  • Write your goal in the present tense.

    This will cause you to fully associate to the achievement of your goal. Your unconscious mind is totally deductive, and therefore, it accepts anything that your conscious mind gives it without question. Consequently, correct phrasing is imperative. Write your goal as "I am so happy that I earn a minimum of $70,000 per year" versus "I want to earn $70,000 per year." Write your goal as if you already have it right now.

  • Write your goal every single day, carry it with you everywhere you go, and read it as often as possible.

    Remember, you are developing habits of the highly successful -- new ways of thinking and acting. Therefore, if you get tired, or you find yourself thinking this step is redundant, realize that it has taken years to create your current programming and it will take concentrated effort for it to be replaced.

  • Take action and make daily decisions with your goal in mind.

    In other words, ask yourself the question "What decision would I make right now or what action would I take right now as a $70,000 income earner?" When you answer the question -- act! If you act based upon your current status you will continue to create your current results. Any time you experience frustration with these action steps, realize that it is caused by your old programming trying to push you back into old behaviors. The mark of a master is the person who has the ability to give themself a command -- and then follow it!

    Commit to these 4 steps for 30 days. I promise it will make a positive impact on your sales and life results.

    James Arthur Ray is a best-selling author, leading entrepreneur and wealth-building expert. He has helped thousands of individuals and organizations build true Harmonic Wealth? to accelerate their personal and business growth. For more information, please visit http://www.ThePowerToWin.com.

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