Success Formula Revealed - How You Can Apply The Ultimate Success Formula?

When you analyze the traits of successful people, you will notice that they all exhibit a successful pattern. This successful pattern is known as the Ultimate Success Formula which consists of 4 steps:

1) Be very specific about your goals.

2) Develop a strategy.

3) Take consistent actions.

4) Turn failure into feedback.

1) Be very specific about your goals.

When you ask people about their goals, some of them would say that they would like to get rich in Internet Marketing. However, the definition of getting rich could be the sum of $100,000 to some and 1,000,0000 to the others. Most people do not achieve their goals in the first place because they do not know EXACTLY what they want. Once they have set a specific goal such as earning $5,000 in the next month, they would be able to direct all the necessary resources that they have towards achieving the goal. Only when there is a specific goal can you develop an effective strategy.

2) Develop a strategy.

Once a specific goal has been set, the next step is to develop an EFFECTIVE strategy towards achieving the goal. The strategy of earning $10,000 online is completely different from the strategy of earning $100,000 online.

Always learn and study the strategy from the successful. They have already proven what works and doesn't work and there is no need for you to reinvent the wheel by testing it out again. So if you want to be a successful copywriter, model the pattern of the top cats in this industry. If you want to achieve top rankings in search engines, model the strategies of the top 5 websites in search engine ranking.

3) Take consistent actions.

There cannot be any result if there is no CONSISTENT action taking place. Many people experience different states (motivation state, fear state, procrastination state, confidence state etc.) when trying to take action. For example, if you are not resolute, you would hold back from taking action. The ability to manage your state well for peak performance will require an amount of consistent action that can take place.

4) Turn failure into feedback.

Once the necessary actions have taken place, we either achieve or don't achieve our goals. People call it 'failure' when they fail to achieve their goals. There are 3 ways people react to failure:

a) Keep repeating the same thing again. These people use the same strategy to keep working harder and harder no matter how many times they fail! Internet marketers continue to promote ineffective ads or in websites that don't work. If the strategy is an ineffective one, no matter how hard they tried, the result would be the same-an unfortunate one.

b) Give excuses and give up. When these people don't achieve the goals they want, they will give excuses like "I don't have good copywriting skills" or "Internet Marketing is too competitive" and then they will start to give up.

c) Get feedback, change strategy and take correction till you succeed. This group of people will view their failure as feedback, knowing that current strategies and ideas are not effective. They will continue to modify their strategies, continue to correct their actions and continue to get feedback until they achieve their goals.

As the motivational poster would read, "Success is a journey, not the destination." Your decision and understanding to apply the Ultimate Success Formula not only puts you on the road to success, but on the road of success because you shall surely not fail!

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