Increasing overall Health with Nutritional Supplements

"But I eat healthy," you might say. That may be but if you are not supplementing your diet with nutritional supplements then you likely have certain nutritional deficiencies. You might be eating everything you should be but the problem is that the majority of our fruits and vegetables today do not have the nutrients they once had. They have been stripped of their valuable nutrients by big business farming practices, premature picking and improper storage practices. While we may think we are eating well we are eating empty calories from nutrient stripped food grown in land stripped of the necessary minerals to produce healthy food.

Could this improper nutrition be why we have so much disease today? Consider your grandparents and their families and think about how long they lived. You will find that for the most part they lived longer and without the help of pharmaceutical medications. Elderly people today seem to be on long lists of drugs and they are still plagued by Alzheimers and other disease. There were two differences in their lives. They were not subject to the environmental hazards which plague our world today and their food was wholesome.

Our food is probably not going to get any better. Therefore it is a necessity to supplement with professional quality nutritional supplements.

With so many supplements on the market making outrageous claims it can be difficult to know which ones are good. Some supplements claim that you must use a liquid supplement because tablets don't break down in the body. This is simply not true. If it were, most of our medications would be in liquid form. This is only a problem when tablet supplements are not designed with quality in mind so that they break down. In fact, liquid supplements are not as effective as properly made tablets because the acid in the stomach attacks it before it has a chance to be absorbed into the blood stream. Pharmaceutical grade medications have solved this problem by using a special enteric coating which is designed to protect the tablet while it passes through the stomach. Our third generation Total Balance supplements now use this coating technology.

The delivery systems or coating is one aspect of a quality supplement but what about the formula itself. Of equal importance is the quality of the ingredients and the manufacturing and blending procedures.

Not only are the ingredients important but the formula mixture is also vital to a quality supplement. Different ingredients react differently with each other. They can react in a positive way but also in dangerous ways. Dr. A. Munem, head of our Research and Development department, examines how our ingredients interact with each other to ensure correct formulas.

Selecting the right ingredients is very important because there can be huge variances in ingredients from different manufacturers. Biotin for example is available from 3% potency to 99% potency. While most manufacturers use raw ingredients with approximately 20% active ingredients we use more potent versions which have 60% potency.

Herbal ingredients can have even greater variations than other ingredients because of the different extraction methods that are used and the percentage of actives. For example, in some instances the non active ingredient can actually be more active in the product than the active ingredient because it is needed to carry the active ingredient.

The other problem with so many supplements is that they often do not contain what they claim to contain. First of all, this occurs because of the fact that there are no regulatory requirements in the USA where these supplements are made. This problem is then made worse because of the intense competition among supplement manufacturers. Secondly, this happens because of the complexity of the blending process.

It is important that you understand the issues around supplements and how to choose good quality nutritional supplementation. Something to also keep in mind is that just because a product says it is manufactured in an FDA approved facility or a pharmaceutical facility this only means that the facility has met certain hygiene requirements.

We follow all of the above procedures in producing our supplements because our business is based on establishing life long satisfied customers. In order to do this we must provide the best value for the money of any professional health supplement. In fact, we guarantee this in writing!

Barry is a Distributor for Xtend Life Natural Products. Feed your body with the most comprehensive formula designed for maximum absorbtion at a price that will shock you!

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