Is Citrus Aurantium Really Bad for Your Health?

Once again the "wisdom" of the FDA and the supplement hating Academia and the out of control trial lawyers - have gotten it wrong. And are doing everything they can to take away your right to take control of your own health.

Here's the problem ?

They are brewing up several false angles to make you believe that Citrus Aurantium is somehow dangerous to your health.

Really? Are you aware that the Chinese have only been using this safely to improve their digestive health for over 2000 years?

The Chinese and other Asian cultures have used this safe, natural Herb for over 2000 years for good digestive health.

I am talking about the safe, natural herb Citrus Aurantium.

Let's give the Chinese people credit where credit is due. Do you really think they would be using this safe, natural herb for over 2000 years if it was not good for their health?

Nothing which is bad for your health gets used for very long.

This absolute arrogance on the part of the FDA, academia and trial lawyers which is costing you your health and your freedom.

Anyone can look up the fully documented facts about this herb and how it has been used for thousands of years.

The following story and I do mean story, as in this is not fact, has been run all over the media, the internet "news" sites and supposed "health watch" type sites which proclaim to be watching out for your health while pushing dangerous prescription drugs.

This article contains absolutely no scientific proof.

Where are the lawyers as people are now dying and suffering? Adverse health effects from prescription drugs? Will the pharmaceutical companies ever be held accountable for? the deaths and the adverse health consequences they and the doctors who prescribe these drugs cause?

Here is a more accurate article on this health giving herb.

Where are all the stories and hand wringing over the adverse effects on your health from dangerous prescription drugs?

Fact: Each year there are currently over 100,000 deaths which are caused By properly prescribed drugs of all types in hospitals.-1

Here is the next myth widely distributed in the media ?

That some foods have adverse reactions with drugs.

Food interacting badly with drugs?

Wrong, drugs interact with grapefruit juice and other safe, natural healthy foods.

Once again the media have it backwards.

Drugs are not a normal part of a person's diet.

They would have you believe that you should not eat healthy grapefruit and should instead ingest their liver and kidney killing drugs which inhibit your body in its ability to absorb the nutrition in your food.

Fact: unwanted interactions between supplements and drugs were not serious In 94 percent of the cases -2.

Never mind that drugs interacting with other drugs are proven to be dangerous and deadly to people.

One only has to look at the recent recall of the arthritis and Acute pain drug Vioxx? as yet another example of the real health danger to consumers.

This drug has proven to cause an increase in the risk of heart attack and stroke.

Read on

Where are the articles warning you of this?

Are you going to avoid safe, natural, healthy foods and load up on drugs?

Your health is in your hands. It is your right to believe the drug companies, lawyers and self proclaimed academics with no scientific proof.

Where are their thousands of years of providing real healthy solutions to real health problems?

What they offer are decades of harming your health. Guaranteed. Just listen to or read their list of side effects. You know them well don't you.

Will you stand up for your freedom and write your Senators and Congressmen?

Or will you sit idly by as your freedoms are taken away one by One and you no longer have a choice to control your own health.

What is next? Will they decide to ban food because it contains many of these same nutrients?

Demand accountability from the FDA, urge your legislators to uphold your freedoms and stop the banning of supplements, Vitamins, minerals and herbs which have a track record proven to be safe for thousands of years.


1- "Incidence of Adverse Drug Reactions in Hospitalized Patients:
A Meta-analysis of Prospective Studies," JAMA 1998; 279(15):

2- "Herbal supplements/meds not a dangerous mix" Yahoo Health, March 23, 2004.

About The Author

Lee Cummings has been studying natural proven nutrition for 9 years. He has helped real people feel better and solve real health problems for over 4 years. Lee publishes a montly newsletter. for a no cost Report - mailto:[email protected] Discover proven nutrition information visit: or Call Toll Free 1-888-244-4119.

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