3 Steps To Successfully Build A Team In Any Program

Any x by y matrix plan has one big risk... but also one big advantage.

The biggest risk: People in your downline might think they don't have to promote and just wait for your spillover.

The biggest advantage: Still, it's a great way to build a deep team quick... if you and the people in your team understand that they shouldn't just sit and wait for it to happen.

The following 3 steps you need to follow and teach to build a successful team:

1. Find 2 people... It doesn't really matter if it's e.g. a 2x15 forced matrix or wider. If the matrix is wider than 2, or even unlimite^d wide, I recommend to start with 2 and then go wider when your team has been fully build at least 4 levels deep.

2. Next build a relationship with them, teach them this 3 easy steps and motivate them until they find 2 people on their own.

3. Then motivate your 2 people to motivate their 2 people to also find 2 people ... etc.

I believe this is a much better way to build a successful team. And not to mass promote and hope that a few in the masses you sponsor build a team on their own... but instead motivate to motivate to build the team... all the way down.

If you mass promote... you might be able to initially build a big downline... but since there will be no relationship, it will fall apart fast as well.

If you or somebody in your team has a big list of people to email to, then you or those people could send a message to all, telling them that you are looking for 2 leaders only. Ask them to email you back and tell you "why" you should choose them. Then pick the 2 best ones... and move one with step 2 above.

Also if a downline member is struggling... and no matter how hard he or she tries, he or she is not able to find two on their own... e.g. due to lack of people he or she knows... then you could do such a mailing on their behalf.

The primary approach that works best is to talk via chat first with the people you know already. Those, that we already have a relationship with.

If that doesn't generate your 2 leaders... then you could use the mailing approach looking for two leaders as I described before.

But what should you tell people during the chat or in the email message you write to find your two leaders?

This is the point where you need to do your homework. Look very closely at the program for which you want to build a successful team for. Answer yourself the following questions:

1. What is the product or service that this program sells?
2. What main benefits does the product or service provide the customer with?
3. What makes the product or service better then those offered by the competition?
4. How much does the product or service cost?
5. How does the products compensation plan work?
6. What is necessary to break even and get into profit?

You noticed that I mentioned everything related to money at the end? Yes, I did order the above list by priority on purpose.

When you answer yourself those questions, keep always in mind to answer to most elementary question everybody has... which is:

What is in it for me? Also often called WIIFM. Once you learn to answer that question, you will be easily able to find your two leaders.

BTW... there is a shortcut to your homework assignment. :)

Ask your sponsor to answer the six questions above... then check an confirm those answers are accurate and match your own opinion about the program. This can save you time and strengthen the relationship with your own sponsor as you work with him together to answer them.

Tip: There are millions of programs out there on the net and many people, including me, fall easily prey to start joining too many at once. The grass always seems to look greener on the other side. ;)

I live now by the following rule... Earn with two programs (meaning: be in profit) before you even consider to join one new one. And I recommend that you too do that.

Copyright 2004 Frank Bauer

Frank Bauer is the owner of Add2it.com - Scripts & Services for your Web Business at http://www.add2it.com and the publisher of the More4you Newsletter at: http://www.more4you.ws

To see how he can help you, visit: http://www.frankbauer.name

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