Top Ten Things About Team Building

People who lead the best teams realise early on that they cannot run their business alone. It will either kill them or they will fail.

Here are some of the ways the very best set about Team Building...

  • Be Clear

    Great team leaders have expressed a very clear vision and with it, simple expectations of their team.

  • Are Fair and Consistent

    They have one set of rules and one set only - for everyone including themselves. Everyone knows the acceptable behaviour and standards.

  • Delegate

    The best Team Building comes through sharing key workload, enabling team members to succeed, develop and deliver the result.

  • Leave Well Alone

    Leaders are very clear on what they want and then let go. They are not especially interested in how it is delivered, though they recognise the best results come from collaboration.

  • Provide Resources

    Great team leaders enhance the relationship with their team by ensuring that they have all they need to get the job done, whilst subtly alerting them to potential difficulties, without taking over.

  • Give and Take Feedback

    In open and honest relationships, all members of the team are willing to give each other support and feedback - including the leader. Both ways.

  • Blame No-one

    To truly enable a team of positive and willing contributors, risk is allowed! Using the phrase...

    'ask for forgiveness, not permission'
    ...a great team evolves. Delivering outstanding results.

  • Develop the Team

    Excellent Team Building comes from growing together and a top team leader's mission is to make that happen. Synergies are exploited, experiences are shared and above all team members are challenged and stretched to maximise achievements, in a place of safety.

  • Appreciate Individuals

    There are great individuals in great teams and the leaders job is to honour each and every one of them, whilst utilising those special, individual talents, in a co-creative team performance.

  • Celebrate Together

    And boy do those best at Team Building know how to make the most of success - ready for the next challenge!

    So Team Building can be done - there are a few simple rules and approaches to take your team to the very top and deliver the very best results, for you, for them and the business as a whole!

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