What Would Save You Time?

We all get overwhelmed from time to time, and sometimes it seems as if 24 hours a day is just not enough to get everything accomplished that we would like. Let's consider this a brainstorming session. Start creating a list of everyday tasks that, if you didn't have to do them, would allow you to have more time in your day. For example, most of us have to do laundry on a regular basis. That takes time. What about making dinner? Commuting? The list goes on. These types of tasks are usually necessary and unavoidable. It would be fantastic if we could hire a housekeeper, a personal chef or a chauffeur to handle these things for us. More often than not however, we end up doing ourselves the things that need to be taken care of each day.

Now try thinking of other things that take up your time. Maybe you are a small business owner who just doesn't have time to handle the bookkeeping portion of your business, or to deal with the email traffic coming into your Inbox. What about organizing your files (both hard copy and electronic) so that it becomes easier to find what you are looking for? In most cases, organizing your time better is all it takes to resolve these types of time management issues. Try reading your email only two or three times a day at specific times, instead of each time a new message arrives (although the curiosity factor might be quite strong!). Schedule your housekeeping items all at once on the same day, if possible. For example, do all of your laundry on Saturday mornings. Try planning your meals ahead of time, so you know exactly how long it will take you to prepare and cook each meal.

For the office tasks, spending some time with a professional organizer or partnering with a virtual assistant can save you hours of time. Plus, it would allow you to hand over tasks you do not enjoy doing to someone who makes a living doing those very things. Food for thought!

The main point I'm trying to make is that with a little thought and planning, you can create extra time in your life to do the things you love to do. Good luck, and happy planning!

Cynthia Morse is a Virtual Assistant, and the owner of Virtually At Your Service, www.virtuallyatyourservice.biz. She offers administrative support to small business owners and other busy professionals from her home office, allowing them time to focus on what they love and do best, whether it is running their businesses or taking care of personal matters.

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