Effective Time Management Techniques


With the creation of the universe, God gave humankind a miraculous gift. A wonderful gift which cannot be seen or touched but without which there will be no meaning in life. In fact without which it would be difficult to imagine life. It is time!

God being kind and just gave this to all of us in equal quantity. He knew that some of His children would be wasteful. So He gave it in such a way that they would not be able to waste all of it. He assured a continuous and fresh supply of it. Each day He gives us a fresh supply of twenty four hours or 1440 minutes or 86,400 seconds per day to each of us-poor or rich, good or bad, man or woman.

We may have handicaps of education, money, and connections. But we are not handicapped by time. It is given equally to all. It is the most important ingredient in success. Use your time wisely and nobody can stop you from succeeding.

Time management is the key to keeping your New Year Resolutions.

How to use time wisely? Of course, by managing it wisely.

Here are a few tips to manage your time.

1. Eliminate Big Chunks of Wastage of Time: We are usually Pound Foolish, Penny Wise. We jump red light to save a fraction of second but before that we might have already wasted hours in some useless activity. There are big chunks of time which we usually waste-sleeping long hours, wasting time in front of TV, gossiping, in drinking and dining parties, etc. If you spend two hours each way in commuting to office, you have to find some solution to it. Either change office or residence or utilize the commuting time in reading (if traveling by bus or metro) or listening to useful audios.

2. Eliminate Wastage of Time on Irrelevant Activities: We are usually not focused in our life. Not only we should have a single goal in life but all our efforts and time should be directed towards it. If you want to write a book, not only you have to eliminate big chunks of wastage of time, but you should also avoid irrelevant activities such as, may be, a side business, politics, and involvement in activities of various social activities which may be good in themselves.

3. Plan your Time: Planning is very important for time management. One obvious benefit is that as you would never put in your plan items of big chunks of wastage of time and irrelevant activities, they would be eliminated automatically! Write down your daily, weekly, monthly, yearly, and may be even more long term plans.

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