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21 Questions To Assess Your Readiness For Time Management

How many of us are guilty of "Putting the cart before the horse?"

Much is written on HOW to manage your time (the load in the cart) while little mentions the first step (the horse that pulls the load) of time management, asking WHY before we do the HOW.

Millions of people have read Napoleon Hill's, "Think and Grow Rich." Why have most of these readers failed to grow rich? Could the answer be the same for those who study how to manage time yet, remain poor managers of time? These WHY-questions help you check your readiness to pull the cart. Who better to ask? You know the answers better than anyone!

Attitude and determination are the horses that pull the load of time management tips toward success.

Look in the mirror as you ask yourself these questions.


1. Why do I feel I am not using my time properly?

2. Do I really need to improve my time management?

3. Why do the many tips about time management never seem to improve my time managing skills?

Support system

4. Do I fear being disliked if I restrict my time with others?

5. Who are my best supporters?

6. Have I asked the opinion of others about any change in my time management style?

7. Am I blaming others (boss, employees, spouse, children) for my lack of change?


8. Am I afraid of changing my character and personality?

9. Am I afraid of missing wasteful activities I enjoy doing?

10. Am I ready for changing my slothful habits?

11. Am I content in not caring too much about time?

12. What do I know about behavior modification methods?

13. Have all my attempts at behavior modification failed?

To Thine Own Self Be True - Shakespeare

14. Am I afraid of the truth about my existing time usage?

15. Am I willing to accept the truth of time log analysis?

16. Am I looking for an easy quick fix?

17. Can I face the disappointment of setbacks or will I quit when I can't be perfect after only a few attempts?


18. Have I had any change successes to build upon?

19. Can I visualize the benefits of being a better manager of time?

20. Can I taste the need for change so strongly that I will dedicate myself for changing?

21. Today is the first day of the rest of my life ? what time today will I start?

If your answers to WHY indicate you are not ready to change your time managing style, you can save time by not reading the HOW stuff.

About The Author

Gerry McRae has taught time management techniques in his university courses and at several police colleges. If you're ready for the HOW stuff visit his website at

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