Are You Watching Too Much TV?

Many folks tell me that they just don't have time to be organized. As old saying goes-one will always find time to do what they want to do. I am a firm believer that we can find an extra hour, at least, each day to carve out time to make our lives more sane.

I found that taming the TV habit can buy you at least an hour day if not more to do what will help make your life easier.

In April it is national TV Turnoff Week, in which Americans are encouraged to hide the remote and find other things to do.

Why not figure out how much time your family spends watching TV every week-and then spend that time making life simpler and less cluttered.

You know you watch too much TV when:

  • You're wishing rather was more and longer commercials so you could get more done.

  • You've seen every rerun.

  • When you have more than one television.

  • All your furniture is arranged to to face the direction of the TV.

  • TV is your dinner guest every night and mealtimes are planned around your favorite programs.

  • You have pale pasty skin.

  • You get ticked off if the phone rings during your favorite shows.

  • When you're constantly looking for the remote.

  • You only use your VCR in the play mode for rental videos rather than recording programs to watch at your convenience, and you a slave to the program schedule.

  • You must have everything within arm's reach of your Lazy Boy recliner

  • You can't imagine life without the TV.

I thought the following quote was very gripping.

"The media function very much like drugs and alcohol, whether or not one thinks of them as addictive." -- Taylor Stoehr, University of Massachusetts.

Being honest about the role of TV in your life and in the life of your family, will help you gain perspective about what's important and how much time you truly have.

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