Decrease Your Sleep, Increase Your Energy! And Have More Time In Your Day!

Many of the world's most driven and successful people sleep only 4 to 5 hours per day. Do you really need to sleep 8 or more hours? No, you don't. No one does. Reduce sleep and increase your energy? Have you ever thought of reprogramming your inner sleep clock as a time management tool? Imagine what you'd do with an extra 21 hours in your week!

A "sleep scientist" has come up with some easy to implement techniques for sleeping less, a means of programming your inner time clock for a more energized sleep, so you need less time in bed. Feel more rested, more alert and more energized than you would with the number of hours you're currently sleeping. Yes, you really can increase your energy by decreasing your sleep! Reducing your sleep by 3 hours a night (21 hours a week) is the goal. And it is definitely achievable.

What times of day you feel tired, and how long you sleep, is determined by a number of factors, and some of these factors can be influenced by you to decrease the need for sleep. Once you understand efficient sleeping, these techniques can be utilised to increase the quality of your sleep and at the same time reduce your time spent sleeping.

Are you aware that your body temperature rises and falls during the day and night according to your body clock? Synchronising these temperature changes with your sleeping habits can and does produce remarkable results.

Jet lag is the result of these temperature fluctuations getting out of sync with your sleeping pattern. That's why it takes so long to "readjust" to the new time zone. These revolutionary techniques can even help you beat jet lag!

You may have heard of "power napping". This is one part of the strategy used in this powerful sleep technique. But it's essential to use the power nap correctly. Sleep too long during your power nap, and you'll actually cause damage to your sleep system. But power nap at the right time of the day, and learn how to speed up your body temperature rise afterwards, and you can boost your energy levels and reduce your sleep time dramatically.

This important Powerful Sleep package is available here: You can even review the first 2 chapters for free.

A University of California study, completed in 2002, established that people who sleep less than 8 hours per day actually live longer than those who sleep 8 hours or more. The study was carried out using over 1 million participants, and over a period of some 6 years, and its results are now accepted without question.

Insomnia is a significant problem in the industrialised world. And hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of people are treated for insomnia with drugs. What you won't be told by the drug companies is that these drugs are producing a very inefficient sleep, so you end up needing more.

This is why you'll wake up feeling groggy, every time you take a sleeping pill, no matter how long you sleep for. Well, guess what? You'll never need another sleeping pill when you understand how to have an energized sleep, and you'll spend less time sleeping as well.

So if you're interested in lengthening your life, exploding your energy, having an extra 21 hours in your week, eliminating insomnia, and beating jetlag, you can! And you can do it by learning how to sleep less and by optimizing your body clock.

(c) 2005, Brigitte Smith

Brigitte Smith has several websites relating to health - both people health and pet health.

The scientifically designed powerful sleep program described in this article has helped thousands of ordinary people and can help you too.

Access further information here: http://www.PowerfulSleep.BrigitteRecommends.c om

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