What to Do When Your Alarm Clock Doesn?t Wake You Up

Tring ? Tring the alarm rings?but did you fail to wake up? You have a crucial meeting tomorrow. The last thing you do while sleeping is to set the timing s of your alarm clock, retaining full confidence in yourself of not making the blunder of getting late this time. But what happens? The alarm bell rings and falls on deaf ears. The time you realize that the dawn has broken, it's too late. Here are some nitty - gritty that should be followed in a terrible situation like this.

· The first thing that you should do in such a case is not to lose your temper and composure. In other words do not panic.

· Don't start investigating and cursing your alarm clock. You will have ample time to examine and scrutinize it later.

· Try and speed up the work as possible. Like take a quick shower and just forget the morning newspaper.

· Don't start messing up your wardrobe for clothes. A little patience will help you find the right and perfect dress in few seconds.

· If your clothes are not ironed, iron them. Do not compromise on wearing ironed clothes. Crushed clothes never leave a straight and perfect impression.

· Your attire matters a lot for every work you go. So from your flattened shirt to polished shoes everything should be in an ideal manner. The other people must not be able to conjecture your folly.

· After you dress up, warily keep your official documents. Make sure you have kept everything that you require for the day's meeting.

· You can skip your breakfast or the other thing you can carry some eatable in your bag. This you can eat while driving or in the bus. It is better to take something from home if available rather than spending money outside.

· Your hurry should not let you forget to lock your house. It is never too late to secure your house.

· Hasten up and reach to your car. But remember to check the fuel. This saves from the snag of stopping of your vehicle in the middle and often at a place where petrol pumps are unavailable. If the fuel needle points to nil make sure that you get it refilled from the first petrol pump you encounter.

· After all the hurly burly when you arrive at your office don't just start screaming at your staff. For others are not aimed to pay for your unpleasant morning. Don't get agitated. Be calm and amiable to the rest of the people. Make an effort to depart yourself from the morning blues.

· Last but not the least work in an unruffled and poised manner. Bear in mind that a day not well begun does not entail a day ending in worse.

Finally, one should learn from such slip-ups. Check your alarm clock whether it is functioning accurately or not. If it is then the entire gaffe is on your part. From next time make sure that you arrange and organize your essentials (your ironed outfit, papers etc.) beforehand. Sleep on time so that you do not fail to listen to the alarm bell. Keep in mind that you might have got spared from your boss for reaching late once but not always. So be cautious for safety is always better than the cure.

Pankaj andy writes alarm cock topics. Learn more at http://www.thealarmclockshop.com.

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