Are You Running Out of Time?

Here's some time management tips to try:

1) Set strict office hours and stick to them - use an answering machine to pick up calls after hours. Don't be tempted to "pick up just one more call".

2) Have a day timer (or hand held PDA) that you write everything down in and carry with you.

3) If you're running late to pick up the kids call the school - keep doctors/dentists/personal phone numbers in the book too - you can book appointments while you're waiting in a line or stuck in traffic.

3) Keep a large calendar at home too - and make sure the whole family knows what everyone else is doing.

4) Take care of yourself - you're the company's most valuable asset (eat well, sleep enough and get some exercise)

5) If you find work is taking over your weekends for things like trade shows, or other appointments, be sure to take the same amount of time off during the week.

6) If you find you're really getting overloaded - write down what you do in every hour for a whole day. This will really show you the way you spend your time. This will also let you re-allocate your time to those things that are most important to you. You may find you're spending 30 - 40% of your time on time wasting tasks like answering non-essential emails or phone calls. If you can schedule a certain time each day for these kinds of tasks, OR delegate them to an assistant you will be able to spend your time more productively.

Do YOU have some time saving tips? Why not share them with other business owners? Send in your tips to: [email protected] with "time saver tips" in the subject line.

Wendy McClelland is a motivational speaker, marketing innovator and Certified Guerrilla Marketing Coach who specializes in teaching people to "think without boundaries!" She is a past nominee for "Canadian Entrepreneur of the Year" and her clients have included software developers, an Olympic athlete and a wide range of business organizations. She has spoken to 10,000+ conference attendees, about Marketing, Internet Business and Motivation. You can contact her through her website ?

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