Are Manual Surf Exchange a Dying Breed ?

3 years ago when I started trying to make money on the net, manual surf exchange were very popular, everywhere in forum or chat you could read about them. Some were very popular and others were trying to be popular.

Then came the paid for surfing, for example you deposit 10$ compulsory surfing of 100 page a day and you would get %2 back each day but such site didn't last very long as people figure out that owner of such site had to get money invested in their site in order to pay back the surfers, I lost $100 US in one of those program myself.

After that 1 year spawn, came the infamous autosurf, still very popular today, many net users are still doing/working with them tying up their computer for hours at the time in the hope that it will create traffic to their own website and in return will make sale or new affiliates, perhaps build a decent downline for once, in my opinion the major problem with these site is nobody is actually paying attention to them, their machine is doing the autosurf and the so called surfer are actually doing something else, they are doing anything but looking at your website.

With the venue of Window XP and its traditional Window's quirk and quark IP to IP advertising came in, but this downright SPAM so the serious webmaster do refrain from using such technique, and if you are serious about your website I would recommend you don't use this IP to IP, I can recommend it because I speak from experience, see I used to own the traffic exchange but I got shut down by my hosting company because of spam complaint, I was serious about this website, wanted it to become a great one and all, but didn't have the patience to build it up the right way, thus I paid for it since I lost the site, time and money invested in it IP to IP advertising is not that great.

Thus it brings me back thinking that manual surf exchange are still the best for traffic generator as people actually have to look at your site when they are clicking to get their credit and go to the next site, but after the autosurfing era it seems to me that nobody is doing the manual surf thing anymore, I may be wrong, in fact I hope I am wrong, I just opened a second manual surf exchange and with this one I will use my experience to do better than last time. Yes I am starting from scratch again and hope surfers will come to my site and realize that I am serious about this one and spam is not a word in my web dictionary.

I wish I could offer everyone the perfect way to make money online, or generate free traffic to any website they wish, but I think there is no magic way to do it, this is why I am sticking to what I know work best and it is by owning a manual surf exchange, the best part is since I own it I don't have to do the surfing.

Thank you for reading this
Sylvain Richard
Owner of

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