10 Ways to Increase Traffic to Your Website

Ever since the time websites became new to the World Wide Web, webmasters have been trying to direct traffic to their websites. As this was no easy task, webmasters found a way; a way that cost them money. Over the years, website promotion became much easier. Now, with over four million websites on the internet, when a web user has found your website, you shouldn't take their visit for granted. So, I have listed ten ways to increase your traffic.

1. Main problem is that most websites are "Under Construction", so when a visitor visits that website, they will waste no time leaving. So, FIRST, you must keep your website out of too much "construction." And, you may use an e-mail notifier to announce to your members or customers that your website construction is complete and they can come back.

2. Second, ADS; I see too many ads on one website, and because of that, i don't want to stay there for long. The best web host yo ucan get is HostUltra. They offer unlimited disk space, ad-free, but the reason this host is the best... it's FREE! I hosted one of my websites there and loved it.

3. If you have content on your website that can be found in other places, most likely your visitors will leave. so, it's wise to use your own content or anyo other content that can't be found on any other website. But if you use content from someone else, be sure to get their permission first.

4. Add-ons. If you anything like an email service or a message board or forum, that can be acessed on your website, your visitors will hafe something to come back to. With an email service, your visitors can register or login to check their mail. People like me, check their mail everyday, so this is a great idea to consider. You can get a free email service at http://www.zzn.com/. And with a message board, yor members can talk to you or each other.

5. Another great way to increase your traffic is by a Tell a Friend form or button that you can put on your website. With this, your visitors can invite their friends and their friends, on and on. So, your traffic will keep flowing if this happens. But do not force yor visitors to invite their friends, just remind them.

6. Short URLs are also importantif you want your visitors to have an easy and quick way to acess your website. One of the best is FreeDomain.co.nr; CJB.net is good too.

7. Affiliation. With affiliates, you can get alot more traffic. When you affiliate with someone, try to partner up with a popular website that has content related to yours.

8. Advertise. You can advertise your website at www.trafficexchange.com, which is a great traffic exchange program for anyone to use. When you advertise on a large website like TrafficExchange, millions of web users could find your website and keep returning to it.

9. Service or product support. If you have a service or product, your customers would like to have a place on your website that they can get support, otherwise they will find a better place. You can go to Bravenet to get a free chat service ar you can just search Google for one.

10. If you have a business where you offer products online for residents in your area, sponsoring a car, purchasing a billboard or anything else you can advertise on is a good idea.

I hope this article was helpful to you.

About the Author:

I am a web designer that currently is in high School and writes articles and soon, Ebooks to help others learn and get tips for web design and development. I have also had a web service network that died down when two and the rest of the staff moved over 1 1/2 hours away from our location.

River City Designs is my current project and soon, a small business. http://www.freewebs.com/rivercitydesigns/

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