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How To Get At Least 50 Visitors A Day Free

How To Get At Least 50 Visitors A Day Free!

Every eBusiness owner is constantly looking at ways to get free traffic to their site. After all, if you have no visitors you will never have any sales. So getting visitors to your website is the first major step to get underway in your marketing campaign.

Pay-per-click search engines are one of the most highly recommended ways to get immediate traffic to your site. However, there are times when eBusiness owners ? particularly newbies ? don't have the cash needed to continuously run pay-per-click traffic campaigns.

I have discovered a little known traffic generating technique that could seriously result in more profits in your pocket with extremely little effort on your part. In fact, you're not going to believe how easy this really is.

If you're serious about your Internet business then you must be using a truckload of products and services on a regular basis. The $60,000.00 question is - Do you spend time giving testimonials for the many products and services you use in your day to day life? If not, then you could be missing out on an incredible stream of no cost traffic to your site on a regular basis.

Writing testimonials is a relatively easy task. Just write one as if you were simply sending a short note of appreciation to someone you know.


"I've been a member of Profits Vault Monthly for the past year and I have increased my profits streams by 300% in the seven months I've been promoting these products. Not only that, but I continue to enjoy $200.00 profit a month on my products already in circulation. I would highly recommend Profits Vault Monthly to anyone." Karin Manning

TIP: You don't have to link people to your main website. You can link to anything you like ? an affiliate program, a free report, a fr** download, just about anything you like?this is your chance to have your say.

Don't be embarrassed to say that you're not earning $100,000.00 a year with one product. There are thousands of people online who are happy to earn a few hundred dollars a month to help cover their car payments and house payments so don't think your testimonial won't be featured if it doesn't include six figure digits. In this instance I believe credibility is far more important than inflated dollar figures.

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If you find a particular product or service helpful, then give a testimonial about it to the website you purchased it from. Include your full name and url and you're in business. Now of course this is no guarantee that your testimonial will be spotlighted on the website, however, the more credible and specific your testimonial is the higher your chances.

Now one website alone could be providing you with 5 unique visitors to your site every single day. Now that isn't a big number by itself, however, in a month that adds up to 150 unique visitors to your site. And that's just for one website.

If you offered 10 quality (and genuine) testimonials to 10 different websites they could send 50 unique visitors your way on a daily business.

1500 Free Unique & Targeted Visitors Every Month!

ADDED BONUS: Not only do you receive free traffic through this marketing strategy but this also helps your link popularity with search engines. Link popularity is proving to be the next best thing when it comes to ranking high on search engines so this is money in your pocket for virtually nil effort on your part.

Take a minute to make a list of all the membership programs you belong to, the affiliate programs you're a member of, the products and services that you promote on a regular basis and I'm sure you'll be able to come up with at least 10 testimonial targets easy.

3 Quick Ways To Effective Testimonial Marketing

  • Give Powerful Testimonials.

    The more credible your testimonial the better chance you have of having your testimonial published on a site and featured in a better position. Be specific in your testimonials, just like you are in sales pages and your ads. For example, "I earnt $187.00 in my first 10 days of using this product" etc is much more effective than "I made some sales in the first month". The more specific you are, the higher your visibility will be.

  • Be Choosy With Offering Testimonials.

    You're probably thinking I've had a bit to drink since I started writing this article and coming up with this point because haven't I just defeated the whole purpose to my article? I don't think so. If you offer testimonials to every person with a website you'll lose all credibility. Make your opinion matter by only putting your name to products and services that really deserve it. A bit like athletic sponsorship deals. You are going to be endorsing a certain product people will associate you with?so make sure it's worthy of your acclaim. If in doubt, don't put it out.

  • Make Your Testimonials Sell.

    Make sure you take the time to promote yourself by signing your full name and website address on the bottom of all your testimonials. Even better do what one noted internet marketer did and give yourself a label. The Fr** Ad Guru may be taken but can you think of a nifty name to brand your own identity? If so, throw it in and your testimonial may just get featured just because they like your name ? for example, Cheapskate Suzy, Future Internet Millionaire etc.

    About The Author

    Karin Manning is the publisher of Net Wealth, a newsletter filled with up to the minute tips and techniques for growing your business online plus your free subscribers club. Subscribe by visiting and filling in the ePackage popup on entry.

    [email protected]

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