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12 Free Ways to Cause Traffic at Your Site

There are many easy ways to get your name out there without putting a hole in your pocket. Here are just few:

1. Have a signature file at the end of all your emails.

2. Have a signature file at the end of all your emails with details of how to subscribe to your newsletter.

3. Use online forums and link to an article on your website.

4. Visit discussions boards and post answers with your signature file at the bottom (don't do this if you post a question).

5. Barter your product for free links or ad space on high traffic sites.

6. Ask your members, customers for feedback and include positive comments about your business and product as testimonials on your site, in autoresponder etc.

7. Join free traffic generating sites and work them an hour a day to get free traffic.

8. Ask websites with relevant content to your site to link to your website. It is only common courtesy to offer them a link at your site.

9. Submit your web pages to major search engines every 30 days.

10. Give away free ebooks at your site. Ask me, I'll be pleased to post you some of them. Exclamation

11. Offer a training course by autoresponder.

12. Find a partner and include both your signature files at the bottom of all emails going to both your databases.

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