Baxter Grabber - Advanced Landing Page Strategy

What you are about to read is the strategy for an advanced landing page concept called the Baxter Grabber. You will read what elements comprise the landing page as well as the one element that allows the Baxter Grabber to excel above and beyond any other landing page concept in existence today.

The purpose of the Baxter Grabber is to drive prospects (leads) into your sales process from free search engine traffic.

It all begins with the landing page design. The landing page begins with a compelling headline which follows traditional direct sales style headlines. The headline is followed by a compelling multimedia presentation. After the multimedia presentation, the format follows a short form sales letter. This means that there is an opening paragraph, followed by compelling benefit driven bullets, a closing paragraph and the lead capture form.

An example landing page:

Now, let's get into what makes the Baxter Grabber different.

Using a JavaScript overlay, the landing page masks keyword rich content pages designed to target the search engines with laser precision.

Let's take a step back.

Most of us are familiar with programs like Ranking Power ( These programs generate keyword rich doorway pages that the search engines love to index and rank highly. The problem with these systems is this? the pages are ugly, nonsensical, and are useless to 99.9% of the visitors that visit them. Most of us call this search engine spam. But, thinking outside the box, I discovered a way to use Ranking Power in a way that benefits both the site owner AND the visitor.

This is all detailed in the free Baxter Grabber report.

Now, you begin with your keyword research and develop a list of keywords that target the market you are attempting to sell to. You take this list and run it through the Ranking Power script. When you reach the template section of the script, you add the JavaScript overlay which in turn points to your multimedia rich landing page. You now let the script create the hundreds of keyword rich pages. If everything was done properly, you now have hundreds of keyword rich pages the search engines see; all the while your prospect sees the landing page you created.

Truly a win-win scenario.

While this may look difficult, it really isn't. I've created a free 6 page online tutorial anyone can access at Every step of the process is detailed, all java code is presented, and a solution is given that automates the majority of this process for you.

Copyright 2004 Keith Baxter

About The Author

Keith Baxter is the author of the Baxter Grabber special report ( as well as innovator of advanced marketing concepts such as

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