How To Get Guaranteed Traffic With Overlooked And Little Used Methods

Traffic. We all know that without it our sites will sit there lost in cyberspace. Gathering nothing more than the occasional spider crawling across lonely electronic cobwebs.

If you've been around the e-business scene, for at least a few months, you're familiar with the typical and common methods of site promotion.

You've taken the right steps. Submitted your site by hand to the *oh-so-powerful* TOP 10 search engines and directories. Now, it's a waiting game to see if you get listed or if you have to try submitting again.

You've learned the hard way and wasted too much time using Biggy Blasters to post gazillions of links on FFA sites. Only to see little more than a trickle or two of visitors to your site.

You've gotten on the right track by testing and placing ads in ezines. But it'll take you some time to find the RIGHT ezines in your target market that produce results BEFORE you can roll out a full fledged ezine advertising campaign.

Don't lose heart. There ARE some overlooked and little used methods that WILL work to get you that surge of life-giving traffic your site needs.

Here's 3 different methods you can use. Two will cost you (but won't break the bank) and the other will only cost you the time it takes to organize and initiate.

FIRST overlooked and little used method..

===> Sponsor an online Lottery

I've seen the cost as low as $28 for 1200 visitors! That's only .02 cents per visitor.

There are two basic ways online lotteries send you visitors...

  • Some lotto sites load YOUR webpage in a frame.

  • Some have you place a tiny button link on your page during the lottery run.

    TIP: You will get more of a *response* from the lottery playing visitors by offering them something for FREE. Some examples would be.... free downloads, free subscriptions to ezines and free access to member sites. Make it easy for them to get it by sending a quick email where your autoresponder will send them the download site and/or any instructions.

    Granted this isn't exactly *targeted* traffic. But if you're clever, you can give them a *freebie* that's sure to bring them back again when their not playing the game.

    SECOND overlooked and little used method..

    ===> Purchase banner click-thru's.

    Although many marketers already know about the pay-per-click search engines, very few are purchasing guaranteed banner click-thru's that are available on hundred's of sites.

    Look for sites that cater to your target market and look for, or ask for, their advertising rates. Slowly but surely most of the sites that sold banner impressions are starting to offer performance advertising in the form of pay-per-click.

    NOTE: For more explanation on pay-per-click search engines visit tm

    THIRD overlooked and little used method..

    ===> Permanent Reciprocal Links

    This method won't solve your traffic problem overnight. But it's FREE. (Don't you just love that word?)

    Creating a permanent reciprocal link page is the easy part. Actively searching for other sites, then asking if the webmaster would be interested in giving you a permanent reciprocal link is hard work.

    I've found a great piece of software called Zeus that is helping me to automate the process from finding sites I would WANT to get a reciprocal link with, to automatically sending out the email to the webmaster of the website.

    NOTE: To see a Zeus reciprocal link page, up close and personal, visit hemeindex.html

    Building your business on the Internet requires a great deal of effort on your part. It's important to become a student of marketing and promotion.

    As fast as the net is changing there's bound to be new ways to market and promote, to replace methods that no longer work.

    Keep your eyes open, read marketing ezines, and apply what you learn. The traffic will come if you never give up.

    About The Author

    Evonne Llewellyn - Publisher, Webmaster and successful Home Based Business Owner. Subscribe to Success Solutions Globalzine published since 1998 and get the solutions and resources You need for Your success at

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