Using Traffic Exchange Programs Part 2

(Continued from Using Traffic Exchange Programs Part 1)

Hello again!

In this sequel, I will show you how you can surf for credits at the same time without having to cheat and gain opt-in subscribers for free.

If you have been following up until now, you will agree with me that this is an awesome concept (though not exactly new).

Download the Crazy Browser
Download the Crazy Browser at This wicked program allows you to open several web pages at the same time in a single browser (now the suspense is over!).

In the last series, I have asked you to join as many Traffic Exchange programs as possible. If you have not then do it now! (this also proves that you have not been following me! How could you?)

Crazy Browser has a feature that allows you to save combinations of web site addresses as individual groups. Now, let's try one out.

Assuming you have joined Traffic Swarm, type your surf-for-credit URL for Traffic Swarm in the address bar and hit the Enter key.

The Traffic Swarm surfing page opens. Cool!

Now, repeat the same process for the rest of the Traffic Exchange programs you have joined. The other pages will appear under new tabs. After you have entered all the web page addresses of the Traffic Exchange programs, click on the main menu "Groups" and then click "Save All Pages as Group". Give the group a name (e.g. "Traffic Exchange") and save.

Now every time you start the program, you just click and open the group folder. All of your Traffic Exchange programs will load on the same page.

Now isn't that awesome?

If you have a slow connection, opening so many pages at the same time can be stressful for both you and your computer. Perhaps, surf as many as 3 to 4 pages at the same time.

You can set your own time and connection speed limit.

Setting Your URL Campaign
The next thing to do on the list is to set your URL campaigns. Since you are now surfing for credits, those same credits will be used to drive traffic to your web page.

In the URL Manager for all the Traffic Exchange programs you have joined, set the URL to point to your web page where visitors can subscribe to your regular newsletter or get a free e-book or report for free.

Set the URL Manager to point to those pages and nothing else! Why? Here are some hard and fast rules:

[1] Visitors who use the Traffic Exchange programs like you are usually not in a mood to buy anything when they use the programs.

[2] If you have been using Traffic Exchange programs for some time, you will find that most of the pages you see are looking to reach for your wallet. While there is nothing wrong with that, these people have yet to gain your trust let alone prove their worth.

[3] You will want to separate yourself from these people by offering a free newsletter or give away at your web page in exchange for their name and e-mail address. Since people will not have to fork out their credit card just yet, they would like to have something for free. Don't you, too?

[4] If you have a website selling products or services, it is unwise to direct users of Traffic Exchange programs to the Killer Sales Letter straight away like a charging sales man (which is why I said differentiate yourself from others!).

I hope I have convinced you enough.

The beauty of getting visitors to subscribe to your regular newsletter or get a free e-book or report from you is that you have a chance to prove your worth and build trust and rapport with them.

This beats assaulting people with a sales letter which will produce little or no sales. I have tried it before so don't you even try it, too!

In the last article of this series, I will wrap it up with a case study on this ingenious concept.

I will see you again!

(To be concluded in Using Traffic Exchange Programs Part 3)

Copyright (c) Edmund Loh

About the Author:
Edmund Loh is the author of the E-Biz Wiz Blog and Starting An Internet Business Special Report with over 6 years of web designing experience before he engaged in an Internet Business. Visit his website for more online business ideas and reseller tips.

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