DOUBLE HIGHWAY The Dual Importance Of Online Traffic

Online traffic, or the number of users who view your site, has taken a heightened prominence in recent years. Whereas before, people scampered for ways to increase online traffic for the sole reason of promoting their products and effectuating more sales, the advent of Google AdSense has drastically changed the playing field of today.

AdSense, you see, pays webmasters for every visitor that clicks on an ad link that is displayed in his site. Following the same formula for selling a product, the more visitors a site would have, the more chances that an ad link would be clicked. This has resulted in an intensified crusade to increase online traffic.

This dual importance that online traffic has taken makes things more difficult for the marketer who only wishes to sell his products. First, because there are more competition in the contest for visitors these days. And second, because search engine rankings, particularly those of Google's, have adapted stricter rules.

But all is not lost in your hope to increase online traffic. Here are some ways that you could employ to attract more visitors:

1. Choose the right keywords. 80% of your visitors would come from search engines. Before you submit your site for indexing, you should have prepared a list of keywords that are related to your products. Whenever a user would type a word or a phrase that is relevant to the keywords you have submitted, your site would appear in the results page. This would definitely cause an increase in your online traffic!

2. Get your own domain name. Some people are still selling their goods with a free account. This does not give the right impression to the learned client. Having your own domain name would convey that sense of professionalism that your business needs. Additionally, a good domain name would be easier to remember, and this would certainly make your site more accessible.

3. Content is king! The Internet is called the information superhighway for good reasons. People surf the net for information, first and foremost. Provide high quality and original content that people would want and need, and online traffic will definitely increase.

4. Start your own mailing list. A mailing list is a good way to increase online traffic. Establishing a subscriber base would assure that past visitors would return to your site over and over again. They may have decided against a purchase before, but an excellently setup mailing list can warm them up to buy your products in the future. Remember, a lost visitor is a lost sale.

5. Make use of an effective traffic expert service. There are a few businesses out there which offer guaranteed and dedicated traffic. The visitors they will provide are premium quality, meaning, they come with a high possibility of buying your products. Consider , which is most probably the best traffic expert service on the web when it comes to delivering highly targeted quality visitors.

6. Distribute your own eBook for free. Writing an eBook about a subject that is related to your products would allow you to promote your business in its pages. You could strategically place your website's links throughout the said eBook. Allow your readers to freely distribute the eBook to the people they know and you'll have a viral mechanism in play. This would result in an exponential increase of your online traffic.

7. Use Pay Per Click, or PPC, services. PPC services like Google Adwords would prominently display your site's link in every relevant search made in their search engines. You will be charged a certain amount for every click that is made by a user, but this is a guaranteed way to increase online traffic, what with the great positioning of your link.

There are several other ways to increase online traffic, but we have enumerated the more popular and efficient ones. If done properly, they are sure to boost the volume of visitors who would grace your pages, and increase the possibility of consummating a sale.

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