The Art of Link Exchange

Before you start reading this article I must warn you - everything that was written here is my own experience in link exchange. This article should not be referred to as official advice or proven techniques. I only want to share the experience of the helpful methods I used.

When you started your website you probably knew that two major factors play the biggest role in search engine placement: links and content.

1. The first recommended way to get links is to develop useful, unique and original content. Webmasters who visit your website will see that content is good and will link to your website to provide their visitors with some useful websites(info maybe?). If you searched Internet for some information, then you know how hard it can be to find a useful website.

2. Link exchange with other websites. There are two ways you can exchange links:

a) One page links ? you place a link on one page and the other website places a link to your website

b) Site wide links ? you place a link on all pages of your website

Both variants have pluses and minuses. For example, I believe that a link on all pages counts by Google as a link from one website; but if a website has thousands and thousands pages, the repeated link title on each page may effect you position in search engine results for that specific keyword.

If you are doing one page link exchange, I would recommend you to create special pages where links to other sites will be stored.

Thousands webmasters every day search for other websites to exchange links. When selecting a link partner, pay attention to the number of links on the page where he offers to place your link. The more links on that page, the lower benefit you will get exchanging links with this website. Also, try to keep numbers of links lower then 40 in all your link pages.

If you want to exchange site wide links, try to exchange non-direct links. Non-direct means that you must follow the pattern:

Website "A" gives a link to website "B", "B" website gives a link to website "C". This way the benefit from site wide link exchange may be increased significantly.

3. Write articles or tutorials. Make them free of change to republish if a link back to your website is provided with the article.

4. If your website is close to web development area you may want to create online software (such as guestbook, online calendar, etc.) with the open source and permission to use if a link back is included on pages. As an example of popularity gained that way you may see website of phpbb ? free online message board.

Now you know where to start and the direction to go. If you found this article useful, please include the link to on one of your website pages;-)

This article may be reprinted and distributed with no charge until the credit line (links) below remains without changes.

Thanks for reading.

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