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Tips On Planning A Successful Video Conference

Planning a successful video conference can actually be harder then it sounds. There are several key factors you want to make sure and get right or your conference could become a total nightmare. This short article gives several tips on making sure you succeed with your next video conference.

Nobody likes long-winded meetings and video conferences are no different. Always plan your conferences to last no longer then 1 or 2 hours long. Longer sessions will leave participants tired and bored.

Make sure you prepare an agenda before the event. Double check to make sure you have all of your graphic aids, teaching materials and any other important or relevant materials on hand. Prepare a suitable seating arrangement and ensure that nameplates or tags (if you use them) are clearly legible and nothing is misspelled.

Try to plan your video conference as far in advance as possible. Make sure you do the necessary coordination with your company's IT department for any support you may need in order for your conference to be a success. If your dealing with an overseas location early preparation and coordination is vital to your success.

Attend all test sessions to make sure that your video link is clearly working properly. Use this time to also familiarize yourself with the equipment that will be used during the session. Hand any and all materials for transmission to the video conferencing site technician at least two days in advance so that he/she can get familiar with it. For optimum readability, use large and clear fonts. Use a wide margin, as the sides will be slightly cut off on screen. Keep to the landscape format, with simple pictures and few words.

Prepare a list of questions and answers prior to the conference in order to keep the session flowing in a smooth, quick manner. Arrange for participants to assemble at the video conferencing venue 10 minutes before the session begins so that you will have time to hand out all materials.

Some final tips include:

· Dress appropriately

· Arrive 15 minutes early to spot any last minute glitches

· Avoid wearing intense colored cloths to include all-light or all-dark clothing

· Avoid distracting gestures during the conference to include finger tapping and facial expression

· Test the microphones to be used during the conference in order to find any that may have flaws.

A successful video conference can be done all it requires is an attention to detail prior to and leading up to the minute the conference actually starts. Spend the necessary time needed to do the things this article outlines and you'll have everyone talking about how professional you are when it comes to setting up a video conference.

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