Bluetooth Computer Headsets - Enjoy Wireless Freedom

Wireless Computer Headsets

Till recently, few options were available to people interested in using cordless headsets with their computers. Dedicated wireless Headsets are available, however they often cost upwards of $200 US putting them out of reach of the average user.

Bluetooth Headsets

Cellular telephone users have long embraced the benefits of Bluetooth Technology for use with their handsets. One of the more popular Bluetooth devices available to Cell phone users are Bluetooth Headsets. Although Bluetooth Headsets were initially quite expensive, the average price has dropped considerably in recent years bringing them within reach of millions of people.

Aside from using Bluetooth Headsets with Cellular Telephones, Bluetooth Headsets can be used just as effectively with computers. All one needs to do is make their computer 'Bluetooth Enabled' and the procedures involved in using the Bluetooth Headset with a computer compare with those used for cellular telephones.

Bluetooth Computer Headsets

There are literally hundreds of different Cellular Telephone Bluetooth Headsets available on the market. Any of these Headsets will work with your computer however end-users are anxiously awaiting the introduction of dedicated Bluetooth Computer Headsets. Although they haven't hit the market at time of writing, rumours and press releases hint at the imminent arrival of dedicated Bluetooth Computer Headsets.


Initially, one can anticipate that Bluetooth Computer Headsets will be relatively expensive when compared to their 'corded' couterparts. However, as with most computer-related hardware, the price should drop once additional manufacturers release Bluetooth Computer Headsets and competition thrives.

Logically, one could also anticipate that Bluetooth Computer Headsets will be less expensive to manufacture than their cellular telephone headset counterparts due primarily to the fact that a far lesser degree of miniturization will be required. Whereas cellular telephone Bluetooth Headsets are designed to be portable, Bluetooth Computer Headsets will likely be designed primarily for comfort, audio quality and range. Lesser miniturization generally results in lower manufacturing costs which hopefully will be passed on to the consumer.


So what can one expect from a Bluetooth Computer Headset? Ideally they'll be light-weight, comfortable, incorporate an integrated boom microphone, be capable of stereo sound and above all, be realistically priced. Furthermore, Bluetooth Computer Headsets should be simple to install/use and boast an operating range that encompasses the average user's home or office.

Provided these basic requirements are met, Bluetooth Computer Headsets should prove extremely popular once released and we await their arrival with eager anticipation.

Nathan is the operator of and provides information for people interested in using Bluetooth Headsets with their computers while is a comprehensive directory of PC to Phone and free PC to PC VoIP Service Providers.

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