How to Double Your Online Sales Without Spending Another Dime on Advertising

Learning how to convert visitors to your web site into buyers, is the single most important factor affecting the success of your online business. If you don't have paying customers, your business will fail.

FACT: "50% of Visitors are LOST because visitors can't

easily find content" - Gartner Group

FACT: "40% of Repeat Visitors are LOST from negative

experience" - Zona Research

FACT: "85% of Visitors ABANDON a new site due to

poor design" - cPulse

FACT: 70% of people who are ready, willing and able to

buy online - don't complete the sale.

Just imagine, if you can improve your web site's conversion rate, you have the potential to increase your sales by over 233%. And you can do it without spending any more on advertising, or bringing any more traffic to your site.

Knowing how to increase your site's conversion of visitors into buyers can skyrocket your sales with the same exact amount of traffic you have now.

So how do you convert more of the visitors to your site into buyers? One of the most important ways to increase your site's conversion rate is to improve your site's copy.

The purpose of the copy on your web site is to explain to a visitor how your product will fulfill their wants and desires. Notice I said "wants and desires", not "needs".

It's important to realize that people primarily buy based on what they want, not what they need. The first step in improving your web site's copy is to understand the wants and desires of your customers.

Next, make sure your copy is focusing on providing solutions to problems that are important to your customers. Review your copy and be sure it mainly talks about the benefits the customer will get by buying your product, and not about your product' s features.

A feature is what your product does. A benefit is want your product does FOR your customer. You customer is only interested in what your product is going to do to make their life better.

Be sure that your copy focuses on your customer instead of on you and your company. Your site's copy should talk about "you" and "your", instead of "me", "my" and "our". Your customer is interested in themself, not you or your company.

Your sales copy needs to:

1) Grab the visitor's attention with a powerful headline

2) Draw the reader's interest by creating a connection

between their problem or desire and your solution

3) Peak their Desire by making an emotionally

compelling & believable case for your product

4) Motivate the reader to take action and fulfill their

wants by their purchasing your product or service.

Online or offline, conversion is the key to business success. Your copy is your site's salesperson. On the Web, improving your copy is the first step to doubling your sales without spending another dime on advertising.

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