Build A Successful Website For Dummies

So you want to build a website here I will explain some simple but also key aspects that are commonly taken in to consideration when a website developer creates a website.

1) Website Design - The website design must be neat meaning that everything looks like where it is meant to be (nothing out of place or out of proportion). Also your sites design is related to the topic of your website e.g. your site is about flowers then your design must have flowers.

2) Site Navigation - Visitors must be able to get where they want to go without going through a maze a good way of putting it if you can get there in 3 clicks it should be fine. Also it helps when search engine spiders go through your site since it makes it easy for the spiders to index the site.

3) Domain Name - Domain name is important since it is one of the first thing that your visitors will see. Your domain should relate to your site topic or business name. Length of the domain usually 6-8 characters is a good length and easy for visitors to type.

4) Scroll Bars - don't make your website pages too long so your visitors have to scroll for hours it is also a good option to just create another page and don't make people scroll side to side.

5) Returning Visitors - make your visitors return to your site by adding one or all to your site:

- Email Newsletter (Ezine)
- Community Forums
- Online Tools
- Online Games
- Useful Content
- Competitions and Prizes
- and so on

5) Website Logo - Make your logo unique and brandable so that people will remember your logo and then will remember your site and products.

These are some simple points that you may take into consideration when you build your website if you need some further assistance have a look at your competitors website and see what they have done. Remember what you put in is what you get out of your website and on that note GOOD LUCK and enjoy the whole process of building your very own virtual property.

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