Baby Shower Invitation Cards

Baby Shower Invitation Cards are a time saver for the hostess. It is also a good idea to have more invitations than you need. If you send invitations by mail, you want an envelope that stands out so that it doesn't look like junk mail.

How many guests to invite:
Usually you invite between 8 and 30 guests. The number would be determined by several things. One is where you are having the baby shower. In a dining room, a backyard, a rented room. What type of guests you are having. Ladies, men, ladies and men, and/or children.

What type of Baby Shower Invitation Cards:
You can get free baby shower invitation ideas, purchase printable invitations, make a handmade baby shower invitation, create your own designs, send ecard invitations, handwritten, personalized, blank cards, baby shower invite, or use a baby shower invitation kit. For more links and ideas on invitations you can go to our pages, Free Printable Invitations or Baby Shower Invitations Free.

Where to get baby shower invitations ideas:
You can get your invitation ideas from old invitations, online, books, or magazine articles.

What styles of invitations to choose from:
You can choose from several different styles: Elegant, embossed, formal, trendy, simple, ornate, or wacky shower invitations.

Where to get Invitations:
Online, party supply shop, Wal-mart, Shopko, Target, K-Mart, or office supply stores handle baby shower invitations.

Who to send to:
Everyone invited should get a seperate baby shower invitation card, even if they are in the same household.

When to send:
The invitatons should be sent out 3 to 6 weeks in advance. This gives your guests time to clear their schedules, purchase gifts, and return RSVP's.

What to include in your invitation:

  • Name of the guest of honor
  • If surprise baby shower party, mention that on the card
  • Theme of the party
  • Date and time of the shower
  • Location and directions to the baby shower
  • Name and address of hostess/host
  • Favorite colors of guest of honor
  • Where guest of honor has a registry
  • Suggested ideas for gifts
  • Tell them if a meal is planned, refreshments, appetizers, etc
  • Decorating scheme of guest of honor
  • How and when to RSVP
  • For those baby showers where you know that you are having a baby boy you might want to send out baby shower invitations for boys. If you have a girl, there are baby shower invitations for a girl also.

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