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Use Exclusive Content - When Reprint Articles Dont Do Enough

There is no doubt that reprint articles can serve lots of search engine traffic to your site... All you have to do is to check your traffic logs and you will see how much traffic finds your site via one of the major search engines, as a result of those reprint articles being located on your website.

Sure, you have to give up an outbound link to be able to use the content, but that never really takes value away from your own site. Even if the reader visits the writer's website, the reader will usually return to your site to see what other great content you have available on your site.


Your content brought the visitor to your website from the search engines. And, your content will keep your visitor on your website. That is what they call Sticky. "Sticky" content is the content that is going to attract and keep a visitor on your website.

"Sticky" content is interesting and useful to the reader, and that is why the reader will "stick" around and spend more time on your site reading.

The thing to realize is that sticky content is not just any content you can get your hands on. Sticky content is of a higher caliber than other content.


Ideally, you only have content on your site that will appeal to your TARGET MARKET. By providing content that appeals to the people who are most likely to buy your goods and services, you are better positioned to sell your wares to your visitors.

No sense in trying to sell hair care products to bald men, right? So, you only have information on your site about hair styles, hair styling, hair care and reviews on hair care products, right?

Good thinking.

By keeping your visitors informed on the topics most closely related to your potential customer's interests, you are ensuring that your content will serve up sales. That is the bottom line, you need to sell more stuff.


It is not enough to just throw some content on your site.

People still like to read well-written, informative and educational content.

If your content looks like it was written by a nine-year old, then your site will only attract nine-year olds. And the last time I checked, most nine-year old's don't carry a credit card or buy products online without their parents help.

So, the quality of your content does matter.

Your content must contain good grammar and spelling. It must be informative and educational. Your content must tell a story in an interesting way that will keep the attention of the reader. Your content must have good flow, and it should not end before the story is complete.

If your content can meet these basic criteria, then your reader will see it as quality information.


When you decide to go to a bar to meet new people, you don't go to a bar that only has one car in the parking lot, do you? No, instead you go to a bar that has hundreds of cars in the parking lot.

When you go shopping, you don't go to the store that only has a few items on their many shelves, right? No, you generally go to a store that has isles of shelves overflowing with product.

So, why would a person on the hunt for information come to your site and see a dozen average articles and then consider your site worth sticking around? They won't.


In our modern world, we are confronted daily with a barrage of choices. Even if you live in small town America, you will usually have seven grocery stores, six video stores, thirty gas stations, and 200 restaurants to choose from.

So, where do you shop and why?

If you are like most people, you might try several competing companies. And eventually, you will settle on just a few sources for your needs.

Personally, I shop at only one grocery store and one video store. And, I buy at five or six gas stations and eat at a half dozen restaurants.

Frankly, we shop at the places where we feel most comfortable and those that are most convenient to us.

When you search on the web, it is a lot like driving down restaurant row in your home town. Just as there are six restaurants selling hamburgers, there are also six websites offering the same reprint article that might hold the answer to the question you currently have.

When you don't have a preference really, do you just pull into the first one you see, or do you pull into the one you have eaten at before that satisfied your needs?

Most people go with the tried and true establishment. So, if you determine that has served you well in the past, why would you click to the same article on another site you have never heard of before? Chances are, you would not.


What if people did a search, and your website popped up in the results with some information that they have never seen before?

What if people did a search, and consistently saw your site listed as one of the recommended resources, and your site was not showing the same old reprint information?

What if people came to believe that you have a significant amount of exclusive content that no one else has? And, what if your site was overflowing with high quality content that people actually wanted to read?

Can you imagine what that kind of reputation would do for your traffic and your sales?

All of a sudden, you are no longer one of the many establishments on restaurant row. Now, you are the shining castle on the hill who has the best food at the best price in town!


The only thing search engine spiders like better than "Quality Content" and "Quantity of Content" is "Exclusive Content".

Exclusive Content is better because it is content that can ONLY BE FOUND on your website! And, if people link to your Exclusive Content, then it is of much higher value to your search engine link popularity rankings than average, ordinary content like reprint articles.

Your uniqueness will pay you huge dividends.

Your site is the only site offering this content, so your website is the only one where the search engines can point, and it is the only website anyone can go to in order to read what you have to offer.


Yes, it is true that not all of us have the capability to write hundreds of pages of unique, well-written, interesting and informative content for our websites.

When that is the case, you should seriously consider hiring ghost writers to help your cause.

Again, you say "Wait!" You don't have the bankroll of say Yahoo! to pay for content creation.

A common problem indeed.

This is where it pays to shop around.

If you shop around, you might just find that you can get lots of good quality, exclusive content that you can use on your website for much less money than you would think.

Hunter Waterhouse is one of the editors at: "Keyword Text" managed to bring together several writers and editors to provide a few low-cost writing services for those who are working hard to become more profitable. They offer Content Creation Services which include: Exclusive WebPage Content and Reprint Articles. Keyword Text also offers the most incredible Volume discounts. Compare us to our competition, you will be surprised.

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