Web Production And Design Tips

You have identified that to have an internet prescence would be of benefit to your small business, however are not sure how to proceed. This article gives free tips on web design services and practices and on how to keep your web designer happy and on side.

The first thing you need to do if find a suitable web designer or web design company. Due to the large amount of competition out there you should be able to find a quality professional web design company happy to build you a website from between £50 and £100.

You can find these companies on search engines, internet auction websites such as ebay, yellow pages, by asking family and friends, shop window advertisements or newspaper advertisements.

Always ask to see their portfolio of the websites they have already built, this way you can see if you like their style etc. Also ask them if they would be happy to add a link from preferably the homepage of their website to your new website. The amount of people linking to your website is becoming more and more important and as a general rule the more backward links you have the more visitors you are likely to receive.

Once you have found the web designer you now have to think about content, colours and graphics for your website. It is always a good idea to have a word document already finished to send to the designer, with all of the aspects already decided.

Once they have produced the website you can then submit it to the search engines. The main three of which are google, msn and yahoo. It is free to submit your website to these search engines.

Always include your web address in any correspondence or any advertising.

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