4 Marketing Tips for Resourceful Webmasters!

The internet is a sea of knowledge. Getting your information to 'float' by the right audience can be like finding that one special grain of sand on the seashore. Paying big bucks for marketing can strain your already limited budget. What is a webmaster to do? Let's discuss four valuable and proven ways to market your site without breaking the bank.

1. Join forums. Yes, even if running a forum is something you already do, join forums similar to what you have and become a moderator. No, I do not mean for you to siphon traffic from that site to your site. Rather, show yourself useful to that community and you will naturally draw people to your site. Bonus: Very helpful if you can offer a link to your site in your signature too!

2. Business cards. A good idea and not that pricey. Search the internet and you can design your own cards right online. I'm not talking about cheap cards, but professionally done cards. Check out how many cards you can get for less than $100! Give them away like crazy and watch your traffic soar.

3. Create content. There are some decent sites online where you can get other people's content and put it on your site. It can be especially helpful when you don't have the time or knowledge to get the job done. However, you will have to link back to their site and you may lose traffic. Why not consider writing an article yourself? You may not be the best writer but your ideas may be valuable. You'll value the link back to your site!

4. Business associations. Whatever field that you are in, join that field's association. Do not rely strictly on internet contacts, you need to push away from the keyboard, get in your car and go out and meet people. Attend special meetings and conferences...sell yourself in person instead of online. People still like to meet people in person; you will benefit tremendously by the face to face contact.

You are continuously marketing yourself whether you utilize paid schemes or one of the points mentioned above. Never rest on your laurels and take nothing for granted. Life is not constant while change is. Learn what works for you and build a proven marketing strategy. Who knows, but once you have reached the pinnacle of success you just may be able to afford much more comprehensive - and expensive - marketing strategies.

Matt Keegan is the webmaster for the Aviation Employment Board at http://www.aviationemploymentboard.net and the Corporate Flight Attendant Community at http://www.corporateflyer.net and http://www.cabinmanagers.com Both sites are top performers in their respective categories.

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