7 Ways to Gain a Professional Online Reputation

A professional online reputation is essential to the flourishing of any business big or small. Many business owners spend countless hours on the core operations of their business forgetting the importance their website has. Having an up-to-date website with a professional appearance and easy navigation can make or break a lot of potential business deals. Below are 7 ways you can gain a professional online reputation.

1.) Simple Site Navigation. A site with simple navigation allows customers to focus on the products or information they are searching for. An unorganized site reflects an unorganized business and customers will not trust you with their business.

2.) Up-to-Date Content. Fresh content keeps customers coming back time and time again. If customers feel they are viewing the same content and products, why should they return to your site?

3.) Fixing Broken Links. Broken links occur constantly as external links change. Creating a system for checking links is essential to a professional online appearance. Customers visit your site when they believe you to be a reliable source of information.

4.) Page Additions. Continually adding new pages to your website such as employment opportunities, new staff changes, press releases, new services or products and newsletters, keeps customers coming back. Customers are always interested in what's going on with your company.

5.) Fast and Reliable Online Contact. Responding to online inquiries quickly establishes trust with potential and existing customers. Customers who wait for days for a response to a simple question will take their business elsewhere.

6.) Offering a Guarantee or Promise. One sure way to build customer loyalty and trust is by providing a guarantee or promise of your service or product. Customers want to know they can put their trust in you and rely on you when needed.

7.) Individualism. Every individual is unique, likewise, every company is unique. Customers want (and need) to be treated like they are unique. Your online services and products should reflect a willing to be flexible and make changes for those unique customers.

Implementing these 7 changes on your website will not only ensure customer loyalty but also an increase in sales. Customers need to know you are fast and reliable. A professional online reputation will ensure just that!

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Christine Boak is the owner of Rapid Fast Updates. She works with small-to-medium sized businesses to obtain a professional online reputation through her web maintenance and redesign services. Visit her site to find out how you can earn FREE web maintenance services at http://www.rapidfastupdates.com or [email protected].

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