Why A Simple Counter is Never Enough for Your Website

A simple website stats counter is not enough if you are really interested in finding out information about your traffic. Certainly, a simple web counter will tell you how many people have visited your site, but that is it. If you are trying to gain real information, you will need to have a web counter that does more than just count. Read the following reasons why you need more than a simple counter for your website.

Reason #1 - Time

A simple counter tells you how many visitors you have had in total. This is interesting information, but it is really not helpful overall. You also want to know what time people are visiting your sites, whether it is at night, on weekends, in the morning, and to know in general when your web pages are experiencing traffic and when they are not. Also, you want to know if these are new visitors or return visitors, a simple counter is not going to provide you with that information.

Reason #2 - Where Your Traffic Comes From

Another reason a simple site traffic counter is not enough is because you want to know where your traffic is coming from. For instance, if all your traffic is coming from Google and AltaVista then you might consider marketing to other search engines as well to get more traffic. Also, are people responding to e-mails, affiliate programs, or other types of advertisement to get to your site? All of this information will help you create a better site and make more money.

Reason #3 - Who Your Visitors Are

A simple counter is not going to tell you who your visitors are or how they found you. This is really important information because it lets you know what marketing techniques are working for you or not. You want to know what keywords are used to find your website, what links are being clicked on to bring you more traffic, what search engines are being used, and all the detailed information that helps guide you in your future marketing campaign. As you can see, a simple counter is not enough if you are interested in making the most of your marketing and your business.

Reason #4 - Equipment

This might not seem like an important thing to know, but it really is. With a professional counter you will be able to know which browsers and equipment, including screen sizes that the majority of your traffic is using. When you know this information you will better be able to design your website to reflect your customers' equipment and browsers so they can view your page as best as possible.

If you really want to have the best site for your visitors and get the most traffic and make the most money possible, you will not employee a simple counter on your website but will take your success more seriously.

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