10 Simple Steps: Its Magic If You can E-Mail You can Update Your Web Page Dynamically

Dynamically Update Your Web Pages Via E-Mail

If you can Send an E-Mail you can Dynamically update Your Web Pages. Following a few simple Steps and the Power of Blogs you can Mail in your Web Page Updates anytime you want too.

Step 1 - Get a Blog account.

Go to http://blogger.com and sign-up for a free Account. When you have your account set-up they will allow you to run Multiple Blogs from the same account. If you have 10 Web Pages that you want to be able to Update via E-Mail, create 10 Blogs from your Blogger account (See Step 2 Create a Blog.

Step 2 Create a Blog

Log in to your Blogger Account at http://blogger.com. Now click on the Button that says create a Blog. Follow the Prompts and your Blog is now created

Step 3 Enable Your Blog to accept E-mail

Click on the Settings Tab, then Click on the E_mail Sub tag. Fill in the blank next to Mail-to-Blogger Address. If your Login Id is bigblogger and you filled in myblog in the box then your E-mail address would be [email protected] Be sure and check the publish button so your Blog will automatically Publish when you receive an E-Mail.

Step 4 Send in those Posts.

Go to your E-mail Client and Send in a Post. The Subject will be the Title of the Blog and the Message will be the Body of the Blog. Make sure you are sending in HTML mode so your links will be live.

If you want to use your Blog as your Web Page you are done Your Web Page has now been dynamically updated. Wow That was so easy wasn't it. If you actual want to create a Web-page that is updated every time your blog is you need to go to step 5

(You only need to do steps 5-10 once for each web page you set up)

Step 5 Set-up a Web Page to change every time your Blog Does.

Go to http://Feedburner.com and type in your Feed URL. If your blog is called myblog then your feed URL would be http://myblog.blogspot.com/atom.xml. If your blog is called weeklytipsandtricks then your feed URL would be http://weeklytipsandtricks.blogspot.com/atom.xml

Step 6 Burn Your Feed

Now Follow the Feedburner Prompts and either set-up a new account or login to an old Account. Keep following the Feedburner Prompts Keep Clicking next until you get to a screen that says. Activate my feed, Click the Activate my feed my Feed Button.

Step 7 Houston We have Lift-Off or BuzzBoost

Now Click Launch your Publicity Tools. A Pop up box will appear Scroll to Buzzboost and click Set Up/Update BuzzBoost

Step 8 Set Up BuzzBoost

  • Number of Items to Display Pick a Number from 1 - 5.

  • Check Display Feed Title. If you don't like the Title,In the text box change it.

  • Check Display item content then Select Full HTML

  • The Publication Date is up to You, If selected it will display the date and time of update

Step 9 The Magic Code

Click Generate the Code. You will see your feed in a Mini Viewer and you Jave Code in a text Box. If You like what you see Proceed to step 10, if not Go back to step 8 and pick new settings

Step 10 Place Your Feed your on Web Page

Cut and Paste the Generated Java Script code and place it on your web page.

Now anytime you want to update your web page just send an e-mail to your blog, Ping Feedburner (using pingomatic) and Your Web Page will automatically be updated.

If you have more Web Pages that you want to update Dynamically Just Follow Steps 1-10 for each Web Page. (Steps 5 onward only need to be done once for each Blog)

Power User Super Tip

Put Multiple Blogs on one Page. By placing 3 or 4 Blog feeds per page you can create Hundrends of Dynamically updating web pages with Just 5 or 10 blogs.

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