Traffic for Webmasters

"If you build it, they will come"; is an age old phenomenon for webmasters that they develop the website and visitors themselves would visit that. This may be true for only a handful of websites but the most important and crucial topic for any webmaster today is to how to get targeted traffic to his website.

How good is a website without traffic, only webmasters know that very well and this is no doubt the biggest question of the new Internet age. The new webmasters have to face a lot of problems in order to attract the targeted traffic to their website. But by following few most used methods they can attract visitors of their particular niche group in a very safe manner. These methods are used and recommended all over the world and have been best to use.


Search engine Optimization is the most important issue while targeting the website to the traffic, because it is because of this optimization process that most of the visitors would be able to locate you not alone visit your website on a frequent basis. One of the major problems that the webmasters face is not to optimize their websites to the targeted market that they are catering to and hence the website is not known to many. It is utmost important for you today to have your website optimized with meta tags and keywords otherwise you will not get any place on the search engines for the particular keywords and niche market as you are looking to cater to.


With the new age algorithms and techniques been used by most search engines in order to provide some good content to the surfers, search engines now give utmost ranking to the website that have fresh content in abundance. So, webmasters need to add fresh content on a regular basis as this is the method of increasing traffic that is most ignored. Many people don't realize that each of the inner pages of any website functions like a mini-website, in that they are doorways through which the site will be found in search engines and through which people will enter. If you add more pages with optimized content you will increase the chances of being found in search engines for a wide variety of search terms, and this will result in an increase in traffic.


Linking to your website is also a very important issue because of two reasons while at the first place it places you high in the search rankings for particular keywords while on the other hand, the other sites around the Internet link to your site will increase traffic to you directly and indirectly. So, this has direct as well as indirect response over your website traffic, due to the direct linking you will get direct hits from the visitors while on the other hand from the linking to these websites you will get a higher search engine ranking in search engines which measure link popularity as an index of a website's value. One of the best ways in doing so is by doing reciprocal linking to different websites.

Publish your content

This is someway a very vague idea but has been very much beneficial for driving traffic. One of the best ways is to share your content with other websites giving a link back to your site. At one place it serves the purpose for the other website that it gets the fresh content, on the other hand your link to your website will drive traffic and customers to your website as they know that where the content is. This is an excellent way of selling your product to every nick and corner without spending budget on locating the possible customers for them. The websites link you back and you get the targeted traffic to your website.

So, if you are planning to make some radical steps in driving traffic for your website this is best way that you can do so. This way you will surely drive some long term traffic to your website.

Yasir Nisar is an experiened web marketer, content/technical writer, developer and author of three books on Affiliate Marketing, SEO and Internet Marketing. He loves photography and can be reached at

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