7 Tips to Make Your Order Page Work Harder

So your prospect, Mary, is sitting at the computer reading your compelling sales letter. She's convinced she needs your product. So she clicks on the order link, with her credit card next to the mouse. She's taken to the order page. What she sees next makes her change her mind and click away. Can you prevent bail out at the crucial moment of ordering? You betcha!

Here are 7 surefire tips to make your order page work harder for you?

  • Check marks the spot. Add a check box with a big, bold "Yes! I'll take it! I understand I get blah, blah, blah." For extra impact, consider adding a red border around the box so it stands out.
  • Repeat yourself. Remove all doubt about what the prospect gets for her moolah. List all bonuses and the guarantee (if there is one). Include directions on when and how the product will arrive. Hold her by the hand and take all the mystery out of the order.
  • Be kind. Remind. We all want to feel like we made a great choice. You already know how cool your product is. Let her know it too. Something as simple as, "You've made a smart decision. Imagine how much your life will improve with this widget."
  • They like you! They really like you! The order page is a natural place for a stellar testimonial. As my friend Jonathan Mizel (one of the original Internet marketing pioneers) told me, "It's not over until they actually order." Consider adding audio as well. www.redhotaudio.com Studies show it adds a human element to your testimonials.
  • Type the easy stuff first. Psychologically the credit card fields should be at the bottom of the page after the prospect's name and address. Once she starts typing, the sales resistance goes down and the buy in begins. (Note: One Shopping Cart does this by default.) www.clickstartcart.com
  • Give 'em options. Some people are still nervous to reveal their credit card info online. If you don't have alternate methods of ordering like by fax or phone, you could be leaving a lot of money on the table. Marty Foley suggests you reassure your prospect that your security (SSL) has "bullet-proof encryption".
  • Wait! Don't leave! We all hate pop ups (and many are blocked - see the Resource below for an option). But they work. if the prospect clicks away, why not add a pop up box with another offer, like the downloadable version at a cheaper price? After all, she's leaving anyway. What do you have to lose? Tom Antion does this masterfully at www.wedding-toasts.org.
  • These improvements should take less than 30 minutes to put in place. Tiny tweaks to your copy go a long way toward improving your sales. Never stop improving.

    World class copywriter, Lorrie Morgan-Ferrero is the author of the highly acclaimed home study course, Red Hot Copy to Woo Your Target Market and founder of the online copywriting school Red Hot Copywriting Bootcamp, (http://www.red-hot-copy.com/rhcbootcamp.htm). Learn insider secrets to great copywriting from a pro who's been in the trenches with Lorrie's f^ree ezine, Copywriting TNT. Sign up at http://www.red-hot-copy.com

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