Stop Losing Precious Web Site Traffic to the Dreaded World Wide Web Black Hole

You work hard to build traffic to your web page. If you are not doing 1 simple step you are loosing a portion of all your web site traffic to the dreaded World Wide Web Black Hole.

We have all seen the dreaded 404 page not found error. This Error happens when you type a web page address into the browser window and the page does not exist on the Web Site. Most Cpanel's enable you to create a web page to handle that dreaded 404 Page not found and other similar errors so you get to keep the surfer on your web site.

Custom Error pages can be created for the following error messages.

  • 400 - Bad request
  • 401 - Authorization Required
  • 403 - Forbidden
  • 404 - Wrong page
  • 500 - Internal Server Error

    Your Custom error page you consist of 2 Elements

  • The First Element tells the user they have reached a bad page and they will soon be directed to a new page. Here is some sample text you can use
    • Welcome to Our Website!

      You Have typed in an Invalid Web Page You will be redirected to our Table of Contents Shortly

      Please click here if you would like to expedite the process!

  • The 2nd Element is the catch all page. A Sitemap or table of contents page is a good catch-all page because it now allows the surfer to find the right page.

    A Custom error page is fairly easy to create.

    The header of the page uses the Meta Refresh command with a delay to re-direct your surfer to the catch all page. The Delay allows the surfer time to read the error message.

    The Body of the page simply contains your error message with a link for them to click if they don't get the automatic refresh.

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