Study Your Sites Performance Via Hit Tracking

Knowledge is power.

And undoubtedly, it is the key to making a substantial fortune online. Consider these: what if you knew the sited your visitors came from before they arrived at yours, what they were checking out before they took a look at your pages, and where they went after visiting your place? What if you knew which of your links were being clicked, how much they were being used, and how well they are performing? What if you knew which among the pages in your site attracts the most attention?

Again, knowledge is power and knowing all these things would lead to better results from your site.

Thankfully, technology has caught up with this highly particular necessity. A lot of programs have been developed to track your hits with meticulous accuracy. It is now possible to determine the things we've mentioned above, and more.

Of course, this knowledge would be useless if you wouldn't know what to do with it, right? Knowing the statistics that tracking services could provide can be applied to many things that can improve the performance of your site.

With a good hit tracking program or service, you could do a lot of amazing things. Here are some examples:

? You could find the entry sites, or the sites that your visitors last visited, through a hit tracking program. This would be important for many reasons. First, you would know which area to focus on with your marketing campaign. Did most of your visitors come from a particular forum? You could promote your site there. Did most of your visitors come from a search engine page? You could intensify your search engine optimization campaign. Did your visitors come from an articles directory site? Submit more articles then, because that move is definitely working!

? You could discover your visitor's exit sites, or the sites that they would visit after lingering in your pages. This is important in determining consumer behavior. Knowing the other things that interest them would allow you to target them as alternative marketing venues.

? You could spy in your competition. That's right! Did a visitor visit a competitor of yours before or after gracing your site? Did that visitor make a purchase from you?

? You could determine how long a visitor stays in your site. If he spends a few seconds browsing your pages, there could be a problem. Chances are, your marketing campaign has been targeting the wrong crowd, so a review of your pertinent keyword selection is in order. Or perhaps your web design is unfriendly, hence, you would know when and where to make some adjustments.

? If your site is enrolled with Google AdSense, you could pinpoint which ads have the highest Click Through Rate, or CTR, and which ones are being neglected. This knowledge is invaluable, as you could adjust correspondingly and include the three (Google's allowable number of ads at one given time) that could help you earn the most, and block the rest that are just eating up real estate.

? If you have specific sponsors aside from AdSense's assignments, they would love your site as you could easily adjust their banner or link's placement and design to produce the highest CTR possible.

? You'll get a general feel of the actual flow of visitors through your pages. You could use this knowledge to tweak your site and lead your visitors to where you want them to go, instead of merely relying on where they want to go.

Do avail of a hit tracking program or service for your site. You'll never know what you're missing until you get to experience the empowering feeling of knowing what goes behind the scenes of every hit.

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