The Web Hosting Industry 2005

For the "big things" to be build it was certainly needed a solid platform formed from the brochureware Web Sites connected together, that in the past ten years became suitable for e-commerce, communications and special software. That was the first decade of the Web Hosting Industry. The second decade of Web Hosting was full of applications that were finding new online platforms, with the traffic more shifted.

In short time commerce, content and communications found their home on the Web. The shopping cart is the essence of the online commerce, but now many small traders(and some large ones) are selling their wares trough other services like Amazon, Yahoo! or eBay. They are not only providing the transaction and the catalog technologies , but also they bring what is more important for commerce: the customers. On the hosted stores from Amazon, Yahoo! or eBay is instant access to millions of customers from all around the world.

The application-service-provider business model is the living example of many of these new homes that were formely hosted on one's own server.

Everything is outscored, event the function of search build on many websites. There are only a few larger sites that needs to implement their own search, others uses Google.

The email is also an outscored function, like example who dose not use Google's Gmail or Yahoo!'s Mail, were accounts are made for free and you have a whole gb for storage. Think about how many Web Hosting offers provide you with one gb per user, even for a fee? So if all of the applications are moving out of the Web hosting data center, what's a Web host to do to? What can you continue to offer your customers?

So, you see, all the applications are moving out of Web Hosting data center. And what you can do Web host?

For sure, here comes the answer: "value migrates to adjacent layers" particular for this case that value migrates to services. The Web Hosting vendors are building strong businesses to survive though time.

By the constant changing nature of the internet, the services that embrace, instead of compete with, the migration of services away from the Web Hosting data center are the most important. Clients that are helped to migrate on gmail, or other large companies like Amazon, eBay or Yahoo!, will represent the major step to a progressive Web host.

But the migration process is not easy, so you have to help your clients by offering them free toolkits and libraries in order to assist them in this whole migration process.

And that will be the future of The Web Hosting Industry.

About the author:
Roderick Coleman is the developer of the powerful HTML/Image compressor available at It's a money-saving utility that ISPs can used to increase sales by giving the service to their clients, and webmasters can use to increase their site's performance, while reducing bandwidth usage.

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