Choosing a Personalized Baby Gift

Have you been invited to a baby shower or asked to be a godparent to a new arrival and have no idea what sort of gift to buy? Recently I was in a dilemma about buying presents for newborn twins. My first instinct was to buy identical gifts, but I suddenly realised that these were two individuals who should be encouraged to recognise their own unique personalities. I decided the answer was to buy personalized gifts that the children would see as their own when they grew older.

Nowadays there are a lot of lovely personalized gifts online for babies and children. You can chose from toys, such as wooden rocking horses and name trains, to useful items like personalized baby blankets, monogrammed bath robes and personalized diaper bags. Many people still like to give the traditional favorites, an engraved silver baby cup or monogrammed spoon and fork. When I started searching I was spoilt for choice.

As the twins were newborn my personal favorite toys were baby bears wearing sweaters embroidered with baby's name. I remember my Nan giving me a baby bear wearing a sweater she had knitted with "Ted" embroidered on it, he was a much loved friend. Had the twins been a bit older I really liked the name trains, each carriage in the shape of a letter. I have always found that wooden trains are very sturdy and will withstand years of rough treatment. I know trains may be thought of as a boy's toy, but young girls in my family have always enjoyed them and if you are buying for a girl why be sexist!

If you want to spend a little more, nursery furniture is always useful and I was particularly keen on the personalized rocking chairs and also thought toy boxes would be useful. Future parents immediately think of cribs and buggies when a new arrival is expected, but they rarely plan storage until the nursery is littered with toys. A big laundry bag is a good idea to store anything and they can be bought personalized too!

Of course you could buy a baby gift basket or make one up yourself. Buy a memory keepsake, such as a personalized album that Mom can keep, and add other small useful items. Mom will appreciate the fact that you cared enough to make it.

Finally do remember that if there are older children in the family they are probably feeling a little left out, however much they may love the new arrival. Buy them something small as well. Even if they are teenagers, they are still children and would appreciate a new T-shirt or some jewelry if they are a girl.

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